Beighton Street, Sheffield 9

Published: June 7, 2005    Last modified: November 14, 2016

Beighton Street (now demolished), Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Date: 2005-06-05

I have many memories of this street of terraced houses. Though the houses were small with the ubiquitous outside toilet, they also boasted some wonderful additions. My grandparents Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967 and Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON 1901-1983)'s house had a bath fitted in the kitchen which meant bath nights needed to be highly organised. When not in use the bath became a kitchen worktop. I presume they opted to keep a second bedroom and not convert it to a bathroom as was the norm when grants became available to provide indoor toilet and bathing facilities.

Being a cul-de-sac, Beighton street was free from passing vehicles, though of course very few of the working class had motor vehicles in the fifties. What Beighton street did have was the railway, the railway embankment closing off one end of the street from the rest of the world. In the photograph above, 23 Beighton Street was approximately left of the red traffic cone. This photograph is taken from the point where Beighton Street joined Handsworth Road.

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