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Ivy Dixon, Alice Dixon and Charles Edward Dixon

Published: October 18, 2010    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Back: Alice Dixon 1899-1959 and Charles Edward Dixon 1898-1917 Front: Ivy Jacklin (née Ivy DIXON 1901-1983)
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Back: Alice Dixon 1899-1959 and Charles Edward Dixon 1898-1917
Front: Ivy Jacklin (née Ivy Dixon 1901-1983)

Recently I scanned and uploaded to the gallery more photographs from our family collection. The photograph illustrating this article was provided by my aunt and has been scanned from a photographic copy of an original, hence it is a little 'grainy'.

This photograph features my paternal grandmother Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON) 1901-1983, her sister Alice DIXON 1899-1959, and brother Charles Edward DIXON 1898-1917. These were the children of Samuel DIXON 1869-1906 and Mary Maria DIXON (née Mary Maria MAPLETHORPE) 1878-1964.

Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON) 1901-1983 my paternal grandmother was born at the village of Upton (Upton-cum-Kexby), Lincolnshire on the 5th of October 1901. Her father Samuel DIXON 1869-1906 was born at Horncastle, Lincolnshire in 1869. Her mother Mary Maria MAPLETHORPE 1878-1964 (sometimes spelt MABLETHORPE) was born at the village of Upton (Upton-cum-Kexby), Lincolnshire during 1878. Ivy DIXON 1901-1983 was the youngest of the three children, Charles Edward DIXON 1898-1917 being born at Marton, Lincolnshire, during March 1898, and Alice DIXON 1899-1959 born at Upton (Upton-cum-Kexby), Lincolnshire during December 1899.

Samuel DIXON 1869-1906 died of Tuberculosis on the 20th of November 1906 at Upton (Upton-cum-Kexby), my grandmother being only 5 years of age.

Mary Maria MAPLETHORPE 1878-1964 eventually married again, her second husband being Joseph CARTER 1872-1959, born 1872 at Sunk Island, Hull, East Yorkshire. They were married in June 1913.

Ivy experienced several sad events during her life:

1) Samuel her father died aged 37 when Ivy was just 5 years of age.
2) Ivy was 15 years of age when her brother Charles Edward died during World War I. To read more about this event please click here.
3) Wilfred JACKLIN 1926-1926 her 2nd child and my father's younger brother died shortly after birth in December 1926.

2016-10-30 In my original post I attributed details of another Joseph CARTER. The details are now attributed to the correct Joseph CARTER.