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Charles Henry Ward and Georgiana Ward (née Georgiana Allen): England and Wales Census 1901

Published: February 20, 2017    Last modified: February 22, 2017

If my previous post illustrating the vagaries of searching for ancestors proved none too difficult eventually, this next search seemed to take forever.

With reference to this article regarding my great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) and her daughter Georgiana ALLEN 1879-1965, I was curious to know more about Georgiana's family.

BW had provided me with a few clues:

1) Georgiana's husband was one Charles Henry WARD.
2) Georgiana was born at the Union Workhouse, Clarborough (East Retford, Nottinghamshire).
3) In 1896 they were married at the Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham.
4) Georgiana later used the name Georgina, but the name Eanor on her marriage certificate.
5) The marriage produced 8 children.
6) Hilda WARD was their eldest daughter.

Since they were married 'twixt the 1891 and 1901 England and Wales censuses, I thought it would be none too difficult to find a 1901 census record of this family. How wrong can one be.

'Ward' and 'Allen' are commonly occurring surnames, though Georgiana as a forename is not so commonly occurring. After some fairly simple searches I was not getting too far, so I changed tactic and in the hope of one of them having an unusual forename, I tried to find more of the children. A search of FreeBMD, where after September 1912, the mother's surname is also given, showed quite a few children for 'Ward' + 'Allen', but I could not be certain that they were for this couple.

The main problem was not knowing their place of residence. They had been married at the Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, and since Georgiana's mother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) and several of her aunts and uncles lived at nearby Swallownest and their residence at the time of marriage was given as Swallownest, I had to assume they would be resident nearby.

Several hours of searching later I was about to give up, when I decided that they may have moved away from the area. So I decided to gradually broaden my search and changed residence to 'Basford' north Nottinghamshire, an area nearby, but classed then as Nottinghamshire.

While trawling through many, many 'Ward's, I eventually spotted 'Hilda Ward' and the main cause of my difficulties: Charles Henry's name had been abbreviated to 'Chas Hy Ward' ('fuzzy' search was not detecting this) and Georgiana is recorded as 'GE Ward'. Their residence is given as Kiveton, a village about 3 miles east of Swallownest, though in 1901 Kiveton came under the registration district of Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

So another mystery solved, eventually.

FHJ Ref: 079
Census: England and Wales Census 1901
Place: Kiveton, Yorkshire, England
Household: Charles Henry WARD

WardChas Hy *HeadMarriedMale25Maltster LabourerOmpton, Nottinghamshire
WardGE *WifeMarriedFemale25Retford, Nottinghamshire
WardEdgarSonMale5Swallownest, Yorkshire
WardHildaDaughterFemale4Kiveton, Yorkshire
WardGladysDaughterFemale2Kiveton, Yorkshire
WardJohnBoarderMale28Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Note: Chas Hy: Charles Henry    GE: Georgiana, Georgina or Georgeina

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Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)

Published: January 13, 2017    Last modified: February 2, 2017

Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)
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Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)

This photograph of Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949), my great grandmother, has for quite some time, eluded me .

When a couple of years ago mother was helping identify the myriad of friends and relatives that live in the box of photographs marked 'waiting to be digitised', this one of Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) stuck in my memory. It is the only known photograph of Ziller, unless there are more hiding away in other boxes, in other attics, at other relatives' abodes.

Today I decided to have another go at digitising more of our family's photographic collection in order to at least preserve them for a little while longer. I really believe Ziller did not want to be digitised: having spent an hour sorting through envelopes full of photographs, I eventually found it, and then, on being interrupted by a caller at the door, just as quickly mislaid it again.

I managed to digitise Ziller eventually; she does not look too amused. Though perhaps this is not too much of a surprise given how tough live must have been in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Unfortunately further information regarding this photograph is not available; I have no idea when or where it was taken.

Elizabeth Allen or Elizabeth Smithson?

Published: September 29, 2008    Last modified: October 18, 2017

While checking this earlier article, one of the earliest articles on this website, the name Elizabeth SMITHSON 1879-Deceased caught my eye.

This is my transcription of the England and Wales Census 1881:

FHJ Ref: 002
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 4 North Street, East Drayton, Nottingham, England
Household: George Smithson

SmithsonGeorgeHeadMMale51Agricultural LabourerHeadon, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonJaneWifeMFemale28Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohn HStep SonMale9ScholarLambeth, Surrey
AllenJaneStep DaughterFemale7ScholarRetford, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonElizabethDaughterFemale2East Drayton, Nottinghamshire
AllenZillahSister In LawUFemale22Dom Serv Unemployed (Farm)Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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These records suggest Jane SMITHSON (née Jane ALLEN 1853-1892) had 2 children, either from a previous marriage or 'out of wedlock'.

I suddenly realised that Elizabeth SMITHSON 1879-Deceased, Jane's daughter presumably from her marriage to George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased, could be the elusive Elizabeth 'Betty' ALLEN.

A search of FreeBMD reveals a death, registered at Retford in March 1892 of one Jane SMITHSON aged 40 years. Elizabeth SMITHSON 1879-Deceased would now be about 12 years of age.

The England and Wales Census 1891 records the following:

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Gringley, Lincolnshire
Note: Gringley, Lincolnshire ought to be Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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I conjecture Jane had fallen ill and was unable to care for Elizabeth her youngest child and Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) agreed to 'adopt' her.

A quick search of the England and Wales Census 1901 reveals an Elizabeth SMITHSON aged 22 years living at East Drayton.

Another search of FreeBMD this time for a marriage for Elizabeth SMITHSON reveals several, but the only one in an anticipated locality is registered in December 1909 at Rotherham, Yorkshire. The husbands name could either be Thomas DAVIS or Fred KEIGHLEY.

At this time Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) were probably still living at Swallownest so it could well be Elizabeth SMITHSON 1879-Deceased married at the Church of All Saints at Aston-cum-Aughton which of course is in the registration district of Rotherham.

This is all conjecture and supposition at the moment and the dates, though not exactly what I would expect, are close enough to warrant further research. Since I am unlikely to glean much more from FreeBMD or the England and Wales Census, I will invest in the purchase of the marriage certificate and hope that I can prove my theory.

2017-10-18 Recently I located a baptism for one Eliza ALLEN. To read about this development please click here.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Allen: Intrigue

Published: April 18, 2008    Last modified: February 2, 2017

Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Church of All Saints, Aston with Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Recently I was discussing with my mother the news regarding Harriet BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958) and Mary BACON (née Mary ALLEN 1871-1951). We were chatting about Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) and if they ever had visits from other members of the family (Daniel and Ziller moved from Bradley Yard, Swallownest, Yorkshire and lived the rest of their lives at Langley Street, Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire). My mother happened to mention that they brought up a young girl known by the name of Betty, and Betty would occasionally visit. Immediately I recalled the census record shown below which records Elizabeth aged 9 and described as a niece; undoubtedly this is Betty.

The England and Wales Census 1891 records the following:

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Gringley, Lincolnshire
Note: Gringley, Lincolnshire ought to be Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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My mother went on to say how in November 1949, Betty attended Ziller's funeral, but my mother could not remember any details regarding her family background.

Was Elizabeth really a niece or maybe a child from another relationship? The mystery and intrigue continues.

2008-09-22 This weekend I spoke with my aunt and she understands that after Betty's father died Betty was 'adopted' by Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949). Apparently her mother was already dead. On getting married Betty moved to Bury, Lancashire.

Sheffield: Handsworth and Darnall

Published: June 1, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Beighton Street, Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire 2005

2005/06/05 - Beighton Street, Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Following on from my detour through Aston-cum-Aughton I decided I may as well complete the trip down memory lane and follow the road towards Handsworth, Sheffield. The road from Swallownest through Fence (I don't remember a sign announcing 'Fence' when I travelled this road as a teenager) and Woodhouse Mill and up towards Handsworth has not changed a great deal, a few more crude housing developments far more parked cars and a far busier road. I of course can remember the trams running to Handsworth terminus and once at the terminus passengers having to tilt the back rests in the opposite direction ready for the return journey.

As we travelled through Handsworth a depressingly familiar inner city environment enveloped us: the result of inept planning, lack of vision and sheer neglect. As we proceeded towards Darnall the neglect became even more apparent.

Circa 1980 my grandmother Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON) 1901-1983 was forced to relocate to a local authority flat on an awful development amongst the myriad of awful developments that is 'new' Handsworth. This was brought about when the local authority decided to demolish the terraced houses on Beighton Street and Langley Street. No doubt the local authority had 'grand designs' for the area but I recall that after the houses were finally demolished, the cobbled streets were gradually reclaimed by escaped vegetation, as saplings fought for the open skies. But my most lasting memory is that of the street lights: many years after the houses were torn down the street lights, for whatever reason had avoided demolition and were somewhat eerily still providing light. One can only assume the authorities were obliged to light up the way in order that the ghosts of Beighton Street and Langley Street should have safe passage across the newly created wastelands of Darnall.

It is now 2005 and the area is still to be redeveloped. The loss of community is so overwhelming, I could not muster enough enthusiasm to photograph the dereliction. Maybe next time. As we drove on it became apparent the only real change was the road junction at Darnall; it is wider, grander, more pervasive, but most of all, as congested as ever. The planners have an awful lot to answer for.

2015-03-24 Google Earth is still showing Beighton Street and Langley Street as a 'wasteland' though descending to Google Street View it becomes apparent that part of the area has finally been redeveloped. What was Beighton Street is now the location for the 'Darnall Primary Care Centre'.

Darnall Primary Care Centre opened on 26th November 2012 to replace the previous outdated health centre and provides a range of medical services, including GP and nursing services, minor surgical procedures, community therapies and a pharmacy. It also provides accommodation for Darnall Wellbeing and acts as a hub for the local community.

So almost 32 years after my grandmother was forced to relocate, part of the site has finally been redeveloped. How happy she would have been to have spent the last few years of life in her small terraced house on Beighton Street, in the community she knew, rather than on the bleak and forlorn development at Handsworth.


Published: May 30, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton Rotherham, Yorkshire

Church of All Saints
Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Circa 1960-63 I lived in the village of Todwick near Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Todwick is located alongside the A57 trunk road midway between Sheffield and Worksop. A few miles further along the A57 towards Sheffield lies the village of Aston-cum-Aughton. I remember little about Aston, as a teenager I had little reason to visit the village other than passing through whilst making frequent journeys to Sheffield where most of my immediate family lived. What I do remember is that from the top deck of the bus when not idly gazing out of the bus window dreaming teenage dreams, one had rather a good view of Aston Hall, at street level the hall is obscured by a tall boundary wall.

Yesterday we met some friends from Grimsby and spent a pleasant day at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. Our return journey meant taking the A57 around Worksop, passing by Todwick, before taking the M1 motorway (this section of the M1 motorway had yet to be built when I lived at Todwick) at the Aston-cum-Aughton intersection. Since it was a beautiful sunny evening I decided to take a detour, drive through Aston, and reminisce.

It must be at least 25 years since I last drove through Aston and it took a little while to get my 'bearings', partly due to a 'new' by-pass that I have never had reason to travel before. Eventually we found the old road through from Swallownest to Aston; some places have changed and of course there are lots of awful new housing and industrial developments, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the old Pavilion Cinema still standing, though now a snooker hall.

On reaching the older parts of Aston I was amazed at how little had changed and had little problem locating All Saints Church. Unfortunately a long day had left us feeling rather tired, so I just grabbed the camera, wandered down Church Lane, and took a few photographs for theses pages. Church of All Saints is not the easiest to photograph from the street due to the surrounding buildings and trees and with a low evening sun I had few options as to which way I could point the lens. So unsurprsingly the results are not too brilliant but I will return under more favourable conditions and explore some more.

Like most teenagers I had little interest in family history so it was only recently when I became interested in my family's history that I realised my grandfather and great grandfather JACKLIN had associations with this village.

Frederick Cutts and Hannah Cutts (neé Hannah Allen)

Published: April 28, 2005    Last modified: October 12, 2017

I found a reference to Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire, England on Treetonweb1891 Census. This page records an entry transcribed from the England and Wales Census 1891 for the CUTTS household in Treeton, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England and lists:

FHJ Ref: 011
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: 19 Mill Lane, Treeton, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Household: Frederick Cutts

CuttsFrederickHeadMarriedMale36Coal MinerMorthen, Yorkshire
CuttsHannahWifeMarriedFemale37Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire
CuttsElizaDaughterFemale10ScholarTreeton, Yorkshire
CuttsLilyDaughterFemale3Treeton, Yorkshire

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Little Gringley being the birthplace of Hannah CUTTS (neé Hannah ALLEN) and with Little Gringley being a sparsely populated hamlet, this could well be a clue worth saving for research into the ALLEN family. The village of Treeton is only a few miles from Aston-cum-Aughton and Swallownest where Daniel JACKLIN and Ziller JACKLIN (née ALLEN) lived after they were married.

The Treetonweb site is well worth browsing as it contains many interesting historical facts about the coal mining area Daniel and Ziller relocated to, presumably for Daniel to find work in the local coal mines.

2017-10-12 The Treetonweb web site has been down for quite some time and is most likely 'dead'.