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Rosey (Rosa) Ashforth and Harry Baxter: Marriage

Published: November 25, 2007    Last modified: February 4, 2017


Previous research of Rosey BAXTER 1874-Deceased suggests she also used the forenames Rosie and later Rosey.

Searching online I found a marriage for a Rosey ASHFORTH in September 1892 at Sheffield. This record shows her spouse could be either Harry BAXTER or Walter TANKARD.

A quick search of the England and Wales Census 1901 for 'Rosey BAXTER' reveals:

Rosey BAXTER, 3, Yorks, Sheffield, Sheffield, Nether Hallam
Rosey BAXTER, 27, Yorks, Sheffield, Nether Hallam

Since these are the only records returned by this search and the dates coincide with my expectations, I think it is safe to assume Rosey ASHFORTH married Harry BAXTER at Sheffield, sometime during September 1892.

I will also assume the Rosey BAXTER age 3 years is the daughter of Rosey BAXTER (née Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased) and Harry BAXTER.