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Samuel Faulkner, Harry Renwick and a football team

Published: September 15, 2007    Last modified: February 22, 2017

Samuel Faulkner 1875-Deceased, Harry Renwick 1885-Deceased and football team
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Left, wearing cap: Samuel Faulkner, husband of Annie Faulkner (née Annie Ashforth)
Right, wearing cap: Harry Renwick, husband of Jessie Renwick (née Jessie Ashforth)

This photograph from the family collection is in terrible condition: dog-eared, creased, torn and cut through. The reverse of this photograph is covered in what appears to be simple financial arithmetic.
Once again the photograph is without a date stamp, so I can only estimate the date being circa 1920-1925.

My mother has identified the two adults:

Left, wearing cap: Samuel FAULKNER 1875-Deceased, husband of Annie FAULKNER (née Annie ASHFORTH 1877-Deceased)
Right, wearing cap: Harry RENWICK 1885-1959, husband of Jessie RENWICK (née Jessie ASHFORTH 1887-1954)

This photograph has very little contrast and has faded badly so at the moment I cannot readily identify any of the young lads who make up the football team, though one or more of the RENWICK boys may be in this photograph.