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Georgiana Ward (née Georgiana Allen 1879-1965)

Published: March 14, 2015    Last modified: February 8, 2017

Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)
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Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)

This information has taken me quite some time to document and publish but at the time it came as quite a surprise:

Through the "Suggest a change" form at Family History Journal I received the following email:

Proposed Change: Ziller ALLEN (I22)
Tree: Jacklin / Ashforth
Link: Ziller ALLEN
Description: Zillah was mother of Georgina 06/03/1879-1965 father not registered. Georgina(eanor) married Charles Henry Ward 1896 Aston parish church Sheffield. Zillah is my G.G.Grandmother.

Basically this email informed me that my grandfather Wilfred Jacklin 1896-1967 had a step sister by the name of Georgina (Georgiana). I immediately phoned my aunt, the daughter of Wilfred Jacklin 1896-1967 and Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON) 1901-1983 and asked if she was aware of this step sister; no she wasn't.

So this opened up a whole new avenue to explore.

I replied to BW and he provided me with a synopsis of Georgiana's family history:
Georgiana known to the family as Georgina married Charles Henry Ward at Aston Parish Church¹ and had 8 children. The eldest daughter had 5 children including the mother of BW.

I sent for Georgiana's birth certificate because Fanny Allen² would have been in her 50s when she was born. I have enclosed copies of birth and marriage
certificates. The name on the marriage certificate is Eanor which is a mystery to the family.

¹ Aston Parish Church is the Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

² Fanny ALLEN (née Fanny LITTLEWOOD) 1832-1915, the mother of Ziller (Zillah, Zellaby) ALLEN 1858-1949

In the census record shown below, Georgina, or Georgiana ALLEN 1879-1965 is shown to be 2 years old and a grandaughter of John ALLEN 1831-Deceased, though at this time Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 is living and working at East Drayton, Nottinghamshire, in the the household of George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased.

FHJ Ref: 008
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: Little Gringley, Retford, Nottinghamshire
Household: John Allen

AllenJohnHeadMarriedMale50Agricultural LabourerLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenFannyWifeMarriedFemale49East Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenElizabethDaurUFemale20General Servant DomesticLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenDavidSonUMale14Agricultural LabourerLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohnSonUMale12ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenSallyDaurUFemale10ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenTomSonUMale7ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenHarrietDaurUFemale4Little Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenJaneG DaurUFemale5Workhouse, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenGeorgianaG DaurUFemale2Workhouse, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire

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In the census record shown below Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 is living in the household of George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased. I must admit, it had never crossed my mind to link Georgiana to Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 as a daughter.

FHJ Ref: 002
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 4 North Street, East Drayton, Nottingham, England
Household: George Smithson

SmithsonGeorgeHeadMMale51Agricultural LabourerHeadon, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonJaneWifeMFemale28Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohn HStep SonMale9ScholarLambeth, Surrey
AllenJaneStep DaughterFemale7ScholarRetford, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonElizabethDaughterFemale2East Drayton, Nottinghamshire
AllenZillahSister In LawUFemale22Dom Serv Unemployed (Farm)Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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Of course this still leaves me with the mystery of Elizabeth ALLEN, as shown by the census record below, living in the household of Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN) 1858-1949. To view an earlier article regarding Elizabeth ALLEN please click here.

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Little Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Little Gringley, Lincolnshire

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Church of Saint Saviour, Clarborough, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Published: August 6, 2007    Last modified: February 14, 2017

Church of Saint Saviour, Clarborough, Retford, Nottinghamshire

In this previous post I wrote about Little Gringley near Retford, Nottinghamshire and wondering where my ancestors might be buried.

This weekend I was in the vicinity of the Church of Saint Saviour at Retford, Nottinghamshire. I took the opportunity to take some photographs and check the headstones in the graveyard. Few of the headstones remain standing and some of them have been moved to the perimeter and are facing the 'wrong' way with overgrown vegetation preventing examination of the inscriptions. I didn't find any headstones bearing the family names of ALLEN or LITTLEWOOD.

A church service was taking place so I had to forgo taking photographs of the church interior. Another time, maybe.

The Church of Saint Saviour is located on Welham Road. Closer to Retford, Welham Road eventually becomes Moorgate.

"Originally a chapel of ease to Clarborough, was created a parish in 1934 and is now classed as East Retford."

Old Comments:

Littlewoods Retford
Submitted by Roger Crookes on Fri, 2007-10-19 12:36

I tried to send a message using the 'feedback' option. Unfortunately after I had typed a rather long note I discovered I was limited to 1000 characters. Hence I shortened the note and gave you my e-mail number in case you wanted me to send you the info I have found out to before 1741 (this took approx 70 lines of text).
Please advise what you would wish me to do.

Littlewood, Clarborough
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Wed, 2007-10-17 19:27

My LITTLEWOOD lineage goes back from Fanny LITTLEWOOD abt1832 >> Joseph LITTLEWOOD abt1811 >> James LITTLEWOOD.

I have James LITTLEWOOD married to Sarah BURTON 1799, with 10 children:
Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, William, George, Samuel, Sarah and Jane.

My notes show this information came via a 3rd party and I have not had time to verify its accuracy. I also have further information courtesy of a website.

I would be very pleased to receive further information on this line. Please contact me using the Contact Form and if you wish we can exchange information.

Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

Samuel Littlewood
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2007-10-17 18:09

I have researched the Littlewoods at St saviours and confirm Samuel Littlewood married Mary Clarke 8th June 1835. Unfortunately Mary died on 23 August 1838 - I think from giving birth to a son, Nathan who also died 3 days later. Samuel went on to re marry in December quarter of 1838 and Married Elizabeth Parker. Their first child, Mary was born 10 June 1839. Mary married Thomas Moore (born Retford 1831). I do have more info on Samuel Littlewoods' parents and grandparents which I should be glad to pass on if this is lineage goes back through the Mary Littlewood/Thomas Moore line.

George Littlewood

Published: November 26, 2005    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Yet another pleasant surprise!

Today I received an email from FW a descendant of one George LITTLEWOOD, a younger brother of my ggg grandfather Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased.

If our lines of research are correct then we are 4th cousins 1 time removed.

I am hoping further correspondence will enable me to add further particulars to my LITTLEWOOD branches.

I have updated my GEDCOM to reflect these changes.

Old Comments:

George Littlewood
Submitted by Matthew on Thu, 2012-08-09 03:00

Hi, George Littlwood is my GGG Grandfather. He was my Great Grandmother's (Mary's) grandfather. I'm interested to hear from any other of his descendents. Cheers, Matthew

Joseph Littlewood
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Thu, 2007-11-22 23:32

Enid if you contact me through the Contact Form I can send you all the information I have on this line of Littlewoods.

Joseph Littlewood born 1840 Eckington Derbyshire
Submitted by Enid Green on Wed, 2007-11-21 00:12

He was my great great grandfather and I am trying to find where he was buried or anything about him we have a George in our family tree Enid

James Littlewood and Sarah Burton

Published: October 29, 2005    Last modified: November 1, 2016

The information I found at NOTTSGEN-L Archives though not yet confirmed, leads me to infer the following:

In 1799 my gggg grandfather James LITTLEWOOD of East Retford, Nottinghamshire married Sarah BURTON of West Retford, Nottinghamshire at West Retford.

They had eleven children one of whom was my ggg grandfather Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased.

In 1831 Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased married Zillah FENTON 1811-Deceased at Clarborough, East Retford, Nottinghamshire.

If all this is correct then it means I have gone back one more generation and through to the 18th century and have more particulars to add to this site and my GEDCOM file.

Zillah Fenton: Search

Published: October 29, 2005    Last modified: February 13, 2017

Late last night while mulling over how to proceed with my research into John ALLEN 1831-Deceased and Fanny LITTLEWOOD 1832-1915 I noticed Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased and Zillah FENTON 1811-Deceased in my family tree but I had marked it 'tentative'.

I have always had a certain amount of success searching on either 'Little Gringley' or the various forms of the forename 'Ziller' my great grandmother Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 used. I searched for 'Zillah Fenton' and surprisingly it returned just this one result from NOTTSGEN-L Archives.

Though this post is from a 2001 archive I emailed the contact address and was pleasantly surpised when shortly afterwards I received a reply.

Being rather late I abandoned further research but I'm rather excited by this latest discovery.

Bassetlaw Museum

Published: October 14, 2005    Last modified: November 1, 2016

While searching online for Little Gringley I came across Bassetlaw Museum. Little Gringley and the two market towns of Retford and Worksop are part of the North Nottinghamshire administrative area known as Bassetlaw.

The Welchman Archive of photographic images is well worth browsing.

"The photograph collection contains over 27,000 photographs of the towns and villages of North Nottinghamshire and people who lived there from about 1870 to the present day. 8,000 general photographs from the museum's collections have been added to the Welchman Project images."

I found many photographs of ALLENs, several LITTLEWOODs, plus several references to Little Gringley.

George Hill and Fanny Allen

Published: June 5, 2005    Last modified: November 11, 2016

Following on from my research of Sarah ALLEN, I turned my attention to Fanny ALLEN, another daughter of John ALLEN and Fanny ALLEN (née Fanny LITTLEWOOD). A search of FreeBMD returned a marriage in 1886 for one Fanny ALLEN and one George HILL. Unfortunately this date is too late for the England and Wales Census 1881. So using FreeCEN, I performed a search for George HILL on the England and Wales Census 1891. This found a record for the household of George HILL at Wilson's Yard, Saxilby, Lincolnshire, England. The birth place of Fanny HILL (née Fanny ALLEN) the wife of George HILL is recorded as Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire: Walter HILL the eldest son is also recorded as being born at Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire.

I think it is safe to assume that I have the correct Fanny HILL (née Fanny ALLEN) together with her husband George HILL. I can now add a few details for another of the ALLEN sisters.

Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

Published: April 10, 2005    Last modified: February 20, 2017
Little Gringley, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Little Gringley, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Leaving East Drayton we moved on to the nearby hamlet of Little Gringley, approximately 4 miles east of Retford, Nottinghamshire. Little Gringley is the birth place of my great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN) 1858-1949.

Little Gringley consists of just a few cottages and farms and I doubt it has changed a great deal in over 150 years. There isn't a church in Little Gringley so we were left guessing where the locals would be buried since Little Gringley seemed to be equidistant as the crow flies between Grove and Clarborough.

2007-08-06 I finally found the time to visit the Church of Saint Saviour, Retford, Nottinghamshire, take some photographs and explore the attached cemetery. Photographs are in the Gallery.

Old Comments:

Joseph and Gwen Bush
Submitted by Deborah Bush on Tue, 2015-02-03 21:15

Hi, I am looking for background information on Joseph and Gwen Bush formally of Retford and wondered if these names mean anything to you. Regards Deborah

Burials for Little Gringley
Submitted by Michael Kirk on Fri, 2014-05-16 17:21

My grandfather was Mr Frank Bush who was born at Bush Cottage, Little Gringley on 3rd August 1877. His parents were Joseph and Sarah Bush (nee Woodhead). They are both buried in the churchyard at Clarborough Church. I have lots more information about the Bush family of Little Gringley if anyone is interested.

St. Saviours Church, Retford
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Mon, 2007-08-06 17:18

Keith, thanks for your comment. I was in the area this weekend so I paid a brief visit to St. Saviours. I took some photographs and inspected some of the headstones. Could not find any with the family names I’m looking for: ALLEN and LITTLEWOOD.

Little Gringley
Submitted by Keith Johnson on Wed, 2006-11-29 14:47

I would suggest you try (if you haven't already) the churchyard of St Saviours (Retford) for burials from Little Gringley.
Regards Keith