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John William Chinn and Elizabeth Chinn (née Elizabeth Roberts)

Published: January 9, 2017    Last modified: August 14, 2017

During the early part of 2016 I received an email from a descendant of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased). The lady (whom for privacy I will refer to as MM) is the great grandaughter of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased) and Arthur SAMBROOK -Deceased.

Martha Patricia ELLIS was my great grand aunt, a younger sister of my great grandmother Emily ELLIS 1883-1978, their parents being George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944.

MM informed me of her grandmother's married name of CHINN. Since CHINN is a relatively easy name to search for, I decided to spend a couple of hours researching the name CHINN in and around Sheffield: this returned quite a few ancestors of MM's grandfather.

Searching publicly accessible databases I found a marriage for a John William CHINN 1902-1981 and one Elizabeth ROBERTS who died at Sheffield in 1973. I was able to find 9 children from this marriage though, sadly, several died at quite an early age.

Though as yet I cannot corroborate my findings, I am grateful for the snippets of information people send me.

Most of the people I found are probably still living so I have withheld names and relationships except for known deaths.