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George Ellis and Emily Ellis (née Emily Rosewarne): Burial Records

Published: January 11, 2017    Last modified: January 17, 2017

George Ellis 1860-Deceased
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George Ellis 1860-1928

During research of my family names ROSEWARNE and ELLIS, I came across, in some burial records, the name of my gg grandmother Emily ELLIS (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944). I had already established her date of birth, marriage and death but it was rewarding to find where she had been laid to rest. The burial record also provided her last known address, that of 36 Finlay Street, Sheffield. The address rang a bell, since I had already seen this address while researching ELLIS baptisms.

Though I had details of Emily's important dates I had never been able to establish when her husband (my gg grandfather) George ELLIS had passed away. I had his date of birth but the date of his passing had always eluded me. Though Ellis is a very common surname, as is the forename George, having the address made it a relatively easy task to now find the correct George ELLIS's burial record: George was buried on March 5, 1928 and Emily on February 25, 1944.

In the latter years of their lives, fortunately, George and Emily had remained in the same house at 36 Finlay Street, a large house I remember as a child visiting: complete with stables, a horse and a carriage, and according to my mother, two staircases.

Eventually the house would be demolished to make way for a road widening scheme; some call it progress.

The burial records show Emily and George were buried at Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield. So come some fine spring weather I will take a trip to Crookes and armed with the grave number and a plan of the cemetery, hope to locate and photograph the headstone. Assuming there is one and it hasn't been laid horizontal due to health and safety concerns.

Henry Richard Rosewarne: England and Wales Census 1891: Transcription

Published: January 10, 2017    Last modified: February 16, 2017

While conducting research for my previous post, I as usual sidetracked, this time on the family name of Rosewarne. I was tracing descendants of my ggg grandparents Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 and Emily ROSEWARNE (née Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased) through various England and Wales censuses and parish records, though as usual, my research culminated in more confusion.

While carrying out on-line research I make text notes of any snippets of information that I think may be of use in future research. Many of these notes are just 'cut'n'pastes' and usually attached as text notes linked to individuals and families recorded in my family history software. They become quite disorganised and a few years down the line, often become nothing more than 'cryptic clues'.

Yesterday I spent quite a while checking some of the notes I had made regarding my ROSEWARNE line and comparing them to more recent research. I will publish a separate article outlining more recent research of my ROSEWARNE line. Meanwhile I will publish my transcription of the England and Wales Census 1891 for the household of Henry Richard ROSEWARNE 1859-Deceased:

FHJ Ref: 042
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Address: 4 Sale's Houses, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Household: Henry Richard Rosewarne

RosewarneHenry RichardHeadWidowerMale34FurnacemanUnknown - None Shown
RosewarneHenry RichardSonSMale11ScholarCrookes, Sheffield, Yorkshire
RosewarneThomas EdwardSonSMale10ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire
RosewarneEmilyDaughterFemale8ScholarSheffield, Yorkshire
RosewarneCharlesSonMale5Sheffield, Yorkshire
RosewarneEmilyMotherMFemale67Harthill, Yorkshire

To view this table full width please click here.

This census record shows Emily ROSEWARNE (née Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased) is now living in the household of her son Henry Richard ROSEWARNE 1859-Deceased, though unless my maths is really poor her given age of 67 years and her birth year of 1832 do not tally. Interestingly her husband Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 is not recorded so I assume he is now dead though I have his death as being 1895. More research required.

There is no record of Henry Richard's wife and since I have yet to carry out any serious research of Henry Richard, I do not as yet have a record of marriage. Again more research required.

John William Chinn and Elizabeth Chinn (née Elizabeth Roberts)

Published: January 9, 2017    Last modified: August 14, 2017

During the early part of 2016 I received an email from a descendant of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased). The lady (whom for privacy I will refer to as MM) is the great grandaughter of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased) and Arthur SAMBROOK -Deceased.

Martha Patricia ELLIS was my great grand aunt, a younger sister of my great grandmother Emily ELLIS 1883-1978, their parents being George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944.

MM informed me of her grandmother's married name of CHINN. Since CHINN is a relatively easy name to search for, I decided to spend a couple of hours researching the name CHINN in and around Sheffield: this returned quite a few ancestors of MM's grandfather.

Searching publicly accessible databases I found a marriage for a John William CHINN 1902-1981 and one Elizabeth ROBERTS who died at Sheffield in 1973. I was able to find 9 children from this marriage though, sadly, several died at quite an early age.

Though as yet I cannot corroborate my findings, I am grateful for the snippets of information people send me.

Most of the people I found are probably still living so I have withheld names and relationships except for known deaths.

George Ellis 1860-Deceased and Emily Rosewarne 1865-1944: Marriage Certificate

Published: April 22, 2007    Last modified: November 14, 2016

George Ellis 1860-Deceased
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George Ellis 1860-Deceased

This is another of the certificates I recently obtained from Sheffield Register Office.

The marriage certificate of George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ELLIS (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944) provides a few clues to help further my research:
The father of George ELLIS 1860-Deceased is recorded as Mark ELLIS 1831-Deceased. Having carried out little research into George ELLIS 1860-Deceased this should prove very useful.

The father of Emily ELLIS (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944) is confirmed as Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895.

Once again I will post a full transcript of this marriage certificate when time allows.

2007-08-04 To view my transcription of this marriage certificate please click here.

Old Comments:

Martha Patricia sambrook nee Ellis
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2014-11-01 23:05

I am the great grandaughter of Martha Ellis. So this would make Mr George Ellis my great great grandfather. If you could let me know of any other details i would be delighted as I've just started on this long journey!

Sheffield Register Office: Certificates

Published: April 3, 2007    Last modified: February 4, 2017

I have posted off an order for the following certificates to Sheffield Register Office:

Birth Certificate: Alice TURNER 1862-Deceased
Marriage Certificate: George FLOWERS 1839-1891 and Harriet FLOWERS (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903)
Marriage Certificate: George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ELLIS (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944)

Hopefully this will provide the information I need to extend my research of these lines.

George Ellis 1860-Deceased

Published: February 5, 2007    Last modified: February 2, 2017

George Ellis 1860-Deceased
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George Ellis 1860-Deceased

This photograph of my great grandfather George ELLIS 1860-Deceased must rank as one of the oldest in our family collection. Though I have not spent too much time investigating my ELLIS branch, I'm sure if I find time to visit the Sheffield Register Office I should be able to obtain at least his marriage certificate.

George ELLIS 1860-Deceased was born at Sheffield, Yorkshire and married Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944 during September 1882 at Sheffield.

According to my mother George was a very wealthy individual (when compared to others in the family). He owned his own factory probably grinding files, and a great deal of residential rental property in Sheffield and Rotherham. My mother recalls going out and about with him to collect rent from his tenants.

Obtaining a marriage certificate for this couple together with their birth certificates needs to be added to my 'Tasks'. Hopefully I can then establish their parents names and hopefully some indication as to where in Sheffield their respective families resided.

2007-04-22 I have now obtained the marriage certificate for George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944. To read this update click here.

2007-08-04 To view my transcription of this marriage certificate click here.

Rosewarne Genealogy Page

Published: November 30, 2005    Last modified: November 4, 2016

A search online for 'Rosewarne' provided a link to the 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' which includes the 'Rosewarne Family Database'.

Though I have not had the time to browse all this site I did find the following marriage:
Thomas 31 Jul 1851 Emily GREAVES Rotherham YKS

I cannot yet be certain this is the marriage I am looking for but thanks to the small number of Rosewarnes in the Sheffield area I think there is a good possibility the maiden name of Emily ROSEWARNE is 'GREAVES'.

Further research records the birth place of Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased' as Harthill, Rotherham, Yorkshire. The record of her marriage in 1851 to Thomas ROSEWARNE shows Thomas to be one Thomas ROSEWARD; undoubtedly this should be ROSEWARNE.

For those researching the surname 'Rosewarne', the 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' is an extremely useful resource and includes 'pdf' files for download.

2012-02-07 A rather belated thank you to Vic Rosewarne for dropping by and leaving a comment regarding his 'Rosewarne' database and the information regarding Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased.

2016-11-04 Great to see 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' is still available, since so many useful family history sites have disappeared.

Old Comments:

Thomas Rosewarne
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2006-01-07 20:10

To Neil Jacklin

I found your web site whilst browsing the web for Rosewarnes. I have have done some research on the Sheffield branch of the Rosewarnes, as they were related to my own branch which settled in Derbyshire. Two two branches descend from two brothers William (Sheffield) and John (Derbyshire).

If you would like the information I have on these families please contact me.

I did try to log on to your web site, but it appears I failed

Vic Rosewarne

(By the way I supplied the information on the marriage of Thomas Rosewarne of Sheffield to Emily greaves)

Thomas Rosewarne 1823-1895 and Emily Rosewarne 1832-Deceased: Census 1871: Transcription

Published: November 29, 2005    Last modified: November 14, 2016

My transcription of the England and Wales Census 1871 for the household of one Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 reveals the younger Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944 age 6 years.

FHJ Ref: 027
Census: England and Wales Census 1871
Place: 115 King Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Household: Thomas Rosewarne

RosewarneHenry RichardSonSingleMale12

To view this table full width please click here.

Despite many hours research I am still to find a marriage for Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 and Emily ROSEWARNE and therefore unable to provide a maiden name for Emily, the wife of Thomas.

I recall my mother saying there are additional children to document over and above those recorded in the Census return.

King Street is still shown on the current map of Sheffield though I doubt this is the same King Street referred to in this census return.

2012-02-07 The probable reason for being unable to find a record of marriage between Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 and Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased is that of not using a wild card in my searches. Rose* would have found a marriage between one Thomas ROSEWARD and one Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased. Live and learn.