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Dixon, Butroid and Seaton: Fillingham, Lincolnshire

Published: October 28, 2005    Last modified: November 14, 2016

While searching the surname DIXON online (my paternal grandmother's maiden name), I came across one Sarah DIXON. A reference to the village of Fillingham, Lincolnshire caught my eye.

As a very young child I remember staying for a few days at my uncle Harold's farm at Fillingham, and being from inner city Sheffield, farm animals, tractors and haystacks were an adventure playground.

I'm sure my uncle Harold was Harold CARTER 1913-1977, though I really know so little about this branch (paternal) of the family.

Anyway, while browsing the links on this site I then came across a reference to John BUTROID 1840-1921 and this lead to SEATON and BUTROID and eventually BUTROID.

Now the reason I mention this is because in previous posts I documented the link between my great grandmother Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949's sister Sarah ALLEN 1862-1943 and

Time and research will tell if the name Sarah DIXON is of any significance.

The 'Ancestors of John Heaton Gray' website has not been updated for a few years but maybe the email address is still valid.

2007-01-21 Unfortunately most of the external links appear to be broken.

2011-12-27 The links pointed at a website hosted by Geocities. This service has now closed so I have removed the links but retained the names.