Death Certificate: Eleanor Ashforth (née Tomlinson) 1943

Death Certificate

Death: 1943
Reference Number: FD862159
Registration District: Sheffield
Sub District: Sheffield North West, County Borough of Sheffield
No: 386
When and where died: Tenth July 1943, 41 Burton Street UD
Name and Surname: Eleanor ASHFORTH
Sex: Female
Age: 87 years
Occupation: Widow of William Henry ASHFORTH. Hand File Cutter
Cause of Death: 1.a. Syncope, b. Senility, c. Osteo-Arthritis. Certified by Alex Forbes, M.B.
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: J Renwich, Daughter in Attendance, 41 Burton Street Sheffield
When Registered: Thirteenth July 1943
Signature of Registrar: Herbert Barnes, Interim Registrar

Note: J Renwich is incorrectly transcribed, it should be J Renwick.