Marriage Certificate: Ernest Ashforth and Emily Bellamy 1925

Marriage Certificate

Registration District:
Date: 1925
Marriage solemnized at: The Parish Church in the Parish of Wadsley in the County of Sheffield
No.: 482
When Married: October 10th 1925
Name and Surname: Ernest Ashforth, Emily Bellamy
Age: 21, 21
Condition: Batchelor, Spinster
Rank or Profession: Mill hand, _____
Residence at the time of Marriage: 15 Ben Lane, 15 Ben Lane
Father's Name and Surname: William Henry Ashforth, George Albert Bellamy
Rank or Profession of Father: File cutter, File cutter
Married in the: Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by____or
after Banns by me Harold S? Pugh
This marriage was solemnized between us: Ernest Ashforth, Emily Bellamy
in the Presence of us, George Knapton, Edith Bellamy

I, Harold S? Pugh, of Wadlsey in the County of Sheffield do hereby certify that this is a true copy of the Entry No. 482, in the Register Book of Marriages of the said Church.
Witness My Hand this 10th day of October 1925 Harold S? Pugh Curate