Douglas Roy Williamson: Died 30th December 1963, aged 23 years

Published: August 2, 2007    Last modified: February 15, 2017

Noelene Eleanor Williamson, Donald Raynor Williamson, Trevor Martin Williamson and Harry Ivan (Tim) Williamson
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Noelene Eleanor, Donald Raynor, Trevor Martin and Harry Ivan (Tim) Williamson

An enormous amount of thanks must go to 2 relatives from the ASHFORTH / RENWICK line who contacted me and provided amendments and corrections to this previously published post regarding the untimely death of Douglas Roy (Dion) WILLIAMSON. To read the original post please click here.

I can now confirm it was Jessie RENWICK 1908-1982 who emigrated to New Zealand and it was Jessie's son Douglas Roy WILLIAMSON 1940-1963 (Dion) who fell to his death from the (then) recently constructed Cole Brothers department store in Sheffield city centre.

The pictures you have of the wedding party are my great grand parents Harry and Jessie RENWICK. I was born at 41 Burton Street, we have photos of Clara (my grandmother) and she did not emigrate to New Zealand but her sister Jessie did. - SH

The person who you mention that fell to his death from Cole Brothers was my mothers cousin Dion WILLIAMSON (son of Jessie from New Zealand) - SH

In 1963 Dion (Douglas) came to the UK after travelling and fell to his death on the 30th December 1963 aged 23. He is buried at Wardsend Cemetery with Harry and Jessie RENWICK. We have one of the last pictures of Dion taken on Christmas Day at 41 Burton Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield. - LE

2009-01-27 Thanks to KW for providing the full name of Dion WILLIAMSON.

One thought on “Douglas Roy Williamson: Died 30th December 1963, aged 23 years

  1. Eileen Muir

    A friend of mine (who does not have access to a computer) would dearly love a copy of the photo of Dion Williamson taken on Christmas Day 1963. My friend's name is Jennifer Fox and she knew Douglas when she lived in New Zealand and became good friends before leaving to live overseas. They became good friends and even till this day she remembers Douglas with great fondness. Jennifer is now living in Melbourne. Is it possible for the photo to be scanned and emailed. Many thanks for your consideration to this request.
    Kind regards Eileen

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