East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Published: April 10, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Continuing my research into Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) my great grandmother, we decided to visit various villages mentioned in the England and Wales Census of 1881 and 1891. These villages are located east of Retford, Nottinghamshire and I was curious to see if some on the spot research might turn up some more clues.

The first village was East Drayton, we strolled around the churchyard but many of the gravestones were too badly eroded to make out names. As is the norm nowadays, the church itself was closed. Though we could have obtained the keys from named village residents, it seemed a shame to disturb their Sunday afternoon.

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