Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Published: April 14, 2012    Last modified: January 12, 2017

 Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased
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Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Edwin BELLAMY 1919-Deceased was the 7th child of George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978, my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY) 1903-1992 being the eldest.

I have fond memories of visiting Edwin and Peggy (Margaret) BELLAMY (née Margaret KETTLEWELL) 1924-Deceased at their home on a cul-de-sac at Shalesmoor, Sheffield, just around the corner from the old Roscoe Picture Palace (formerly the Peoples' Electric Picture Palace and latterly the Roscoe Casino). Eventually the area was cleared to make way for the Sheffield Ring Road and new tramway system.

Edwin and Peggy had just the one child, Philip BELLAMY 1949-Deceased. I was born a few months earlier, hence we often played together. Sadly Philip was to die in his mid-twenties.

I remember attending a 5th of November bonfire party, the bonfire being in the middle of the street, and the local community providing hot potatoes, hot chestnuts, bonfire toffee (sticky black toffee) and toffee apples. The Health and Safety zealots at Sheffield City Council had yet to make their mark, otherwise I'm sure the wonderful time we all had would soon have been curtailed. As it was, the street which was surfaced with ubiquitous and beautiful cobbles was eventually metalled, but my did the tar burn well the following year! I assume eventually the council came to realise why areas of cobbles were showing through scorched tarmacadam, since soon afterwards the event would pass into history.

At this time I lived just off Owlerton Green at Hawksley Road. Occasionally we would walk to Peggy and Edwin's house taking a route which lead along Owlerton Green, across Penistone Road, along Livesey Street towards Wardsend Cemetery. Here we would take a footbridge cross the River Don and turn right along a track by Neepsend Power Station. The track, Club Mill Road, headed south following the east bank of the River Don eventually re-joining the main road at Hillfoot Bridge, Neepsend.

I'm not certain where, but somewhere along this route closer to Neepsend, Edwin maintained an allotment. I never forget the sight of Edwin in amongst his pigs, while trying to hold a conversation with my parents.

After Peggy died Edwin moved to Thirsk, the town in north Yorkshire where Peggy was born. I understand from my mother that Peggy and Edwin met during the time Edwin was stationed near Thirsk, during World War II.

Mother and Edwin kept in touch and I recall sometime after his move to Thirsk he contacted my mother, regarding creating a family tree. I think he was hoping I might help, but at this time in my life, although I had always taken an interest in our family history I had never carried out any serious research. I was too busy renovating houses, and pursuing a career in IT. I didn't become involved in family history until 2000.

I have always regretted not contacting Edwin, I'm sure he would have been a mind of information, but that is family history, wait too long and the source will pass on.

2 thoughts on “Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

  1. Neil Jacklin Post author

    I know little of the Bellamy branches outside of Sheffield. None of the Bellamys I have researched would match your criteria. Thanks to the growth in industry in the 19C many well to do industrialists would have built relatively large houses in the areas you refer to, and of course there was also the larger heriditary estates such as Wentworth Woodhouse, Wortley Hall and Cannon Hall, not to mention numerous others. I have not come across the name Brettoners before. It may be worthwhile contacting: The Barnsley Family History Society (this includes the Penistone area) and see if they can be of help.
    Neil Jacklin

  2. Will Van Tromp

    I have some people in my family tree that came from Penistone in the mid 1800's. Joel Brettoner, my three times great grandfather, had a 'son', who was called William Bellamy Bretoner. This surname was used for another three generations. There is a family rumour that my great grandfather 'came from better things'. This means that perhaps Joel was not the father of William, and that the local squire was the actual father and perhaps had the name of Bellamy. Are you aware of a well to do family in the Barnsley/Penistone area that could possibly have owned a large house or estate there? The Bellamy Brettoners moved away to Oxford in the 1870's.
    Thankyou for any help you may be able to offer.

    Will Van Tromp

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