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Sheffield, Yorkshire, England


City/Town : Latitude: 53.381129, Longitude: -1.470085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1801Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I333
2 Sarah  1804Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I38
3 ASHFORTH, Albert  1883Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I24
4 ASHFORTH, Albert  1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I690
5 ASHFORTH, Annie  1877Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I29
6 ASHFORTH, Ben  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I485
7 ASHFORTH, Clara  1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I228
8 ASHFORTH, Eleanor  1909Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I729
9 ASHFORTH, Ernest  24 Feb 1905Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I34
10 ASHFORTH, Ethel  1889Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I225
11 ASHFORTH, Frank S  1912Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I486
12 ASHFORTH, Frank Stuart  1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I227
13 ASHFORTH, William Henry  1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I32
14 BARBER, Joan Ray  1932Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I466
15 BARKER, John Henry  5 Mar 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I580
16 BARKER, Sylvia Joan  17 Aug 1920Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I581
17 BAXTER, Donald H  1913Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I834
18 BAXTER, Harry  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I341
19 BAXTER, Rosey  1897Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I496
20 BELLAMY, Albert  1911Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I50
21 BELLAMY, Anne  1946Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I775
22 BELLAMY, Annie L  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I609
23 BELLAMY, Constance  1942Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I773
24 BELLAMY, Edith  1890Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I232
25 BELLAMY, Edith  1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I48
26 BELLAMY, Edward  1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I233
27 BELLAMY, Edwin  1919Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I46
28 BELLAMY, Emily  24 Nov 1903Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I53
29 BELLAMY, George  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I385
30 BELLAMY, George Albert  1880Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I52
31 BELLAMY, Lily  1887Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I891
32 BELLAMY, Mary Alice  1885Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I231
33 BELLAMY, Philip  1949Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I45
34 BELLAMY, Robert  1917Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I47
35 BELLAMY, Thomas Leslie  1922Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I610
36 BELLAMY, Wilhelmina  1867Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I44
37 BELLAMY, William  1824Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I37
38 BELLAMY, William  1852Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I42
39 BELLAMY, William Horace  1909Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I51
40 BELLAMY, William Horace  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I768
41 BRADSHAW, Charles  1826Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I334
42 BRADSHAW, Ellen  1836Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I337
43 BRADSHAW, Harriet  1828Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I335
44 BRADSHAW, Hugh  1840Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I338
45 BRADSHAW, William  1801Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I332
46 BRADSHAW, William  1834Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I336
47 CHINN, Albert  1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I822
48 CHINN, John  1924Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I821
49 CHINN, John W  1936Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I825
50 CHINN, John William  1902Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I819

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 TURNER, Kate Ellen  29 Jul 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHFORTH, Eleanor  5 Aug 1916Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I729
2 ASHFORTH, Jessie  14 May 1954Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I224
3 ASHFORTH, William Henry  Jun 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I4
4 ASHFORTH, William Henry  1926Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I32
5 BACON, Florence May  1983Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I552
6 BACON, Helena May  1949Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I543
7 BARBER, Joan Ray  1993Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I466
8 BELLAMY, Annie L  Dec 1916Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I609
9 BELLAMY, George Albert  1946Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I52
10 BELLAMY, Philip  DECEASEDSheffield, Yorkshire, England I45
11 BELLAMY, Thomas Leslie  18 Nov 2011Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I610
12 BELLAMY, William Horace  1993Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I51
13 CHINN, John  1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I821
14 CHINN, John W  1943Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I825
15 CHINN, John William  1981Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I819
16 CHINN, Kathleen  1943Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I827
17 DIXON, Ivy  Mar 1983Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I65
18 ELLIS, Marjorie  13 Jan 1988Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I574
19 ELMS, John Paul  11 Nov 2011Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I472
20 FLOWERS, George  Mar 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I89
21 FLOWERS, Gertrude  Jun 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I816
22 GREEN, James  13 Mar 1988Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I704
23 JACKLIN, Wilfred  20 Sep 1967Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I101
24 LAW, Harriet  1903Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I145
25 RENWICK, Frank  1913Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I469
26 RENWICK, Frank  15 Jan 1949Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I671
27 RENWICK, Harry  25 Mar 1934Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I392
28 RENWICK, Harry  10 Oct 1959Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I387
29 ROBERTS, Elizabeth  1973Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I820
30 RODGERS, Henry  1900Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I284
31 ROSEWARNE, Thomas  1895Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I302
32 SAMBROOK, Arthur Elias  1964Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I677
33 SAMBROOK, Patty  1918Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I679
34 WEBB, Leah  1901Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I498
35 WILLIAMSON, Douglas Roy  30 Dec 1963Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BELLAMY, Emily  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England I53


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHFORTH / BEIGHTON  1894Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F220
2 ASHFORTH / BELLAMY  10 Oct 1925Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F19
3 ASHFORTH / MAY  Sep 1906Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F14
4 ASHFORTH / REVITT  1841Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F218
5 ASHFORTH / STALEY  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F221
6 ASHFORTH / STANIFORTH  Mar 1909Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F148
7 BARBER / RENWICK  1932Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F143
8 BAXTER / ASHFORTH  Sep 1892Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F153
9 BELLAMY / BRADSHAW  11 Sep 1846Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F2
10 BELLAMY / LINDLEY  1930Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F229
11 BELLAMY / SAMBROOK  5 Apr 1947Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F203
12 CHINN / ROBERTS  1924Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F248
13 CLEWES / OLDHAM  1928Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F262
14 ELLIS / HUMPHRIES  1899Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F147
15 ELMS / BARBER  1952Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F145
16 ELMS / WARDLE  1913Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F243
17 FAULKNER / ASHFORTH  Sep 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F117
18 GRAYSON / BACON  Mar 1927Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F171
19 GREEN / ELLIS  Mar 1937Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F212
20 HART / FLOWERS  13 Sep 1913Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F92
21 HOLLIS / ASHFORTH  1907Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F264
22 HUNT / LITTLEWOOD  8 Jun 1840Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F79
23 KNAPTON / BELLAMY  24 Apr 1926Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F27
24 RENWICK / ASHFORTH  Jun 1908Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F116
25 ROTHERHAM /   Abt Sep 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F23
26 SAMBROOK / ELLIS  1914Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F86
27 SENIOR / FLOWERS  1903Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F263
28 TOMLINSON /   Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F189
29 WARD / ASHFORTH  Dec 1910Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F149
30 WILLIAMSON / ASHFORTH  Jun 1919Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F146
31 WITHALL / ELLIS  Sep 1923Sheffield, Yorkshire, England F211

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