Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick and Jessie Renwick

Published: September 9, 2007    Last modified: November 8, 2016

Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick and Jessie Renwick
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Left to right: Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick, Jessie Renwick

I am not at all certain about the young boy being Harry RENWICK 1910-1934. My mother's identification of the male children in the family of Harry RENWICK 1885-1959 and Jessie RENWICK (née Jessie ASHFORTH 1887-1954) conflicts with some of my research.

I will document this further when time allows. I am hoping the contacts I have made with descendants of this line will be able to help resolve this issue.

2011-12-28 Further research seems to confirm that the young boy is indeed Harry RENWICK 1910-1934.

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