High Hazels Park, Darnall, Sheffield

Published: May 8, 2005    Last modified: February 19, 2017

Looking through the old photographs of Sheffield on Picture Sheffield, I came across some pictures of High Hazels Park, Darnall, Sheffield. My grandfather Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967 had an allotment on land at the edge of the park where, like a lot of the locals, he would grow produce for the table. I have many memories of these allotments and wonder if they have survived the local planning department.

At Whitsuntide we would take part in the 'Whit Walk' organised by the local churches and Sunday schools. We would don our Sunday best clothes, and with ceremonial banners and bunting providing a colourful spectacle against the dull and dreary backdrop of working class Darnall, we would proudly parade through the streets, finally assembling in High Hazels park to listen to the brass bands and take part in communal singing.

2005-06-05 With a recent visit I can confirm the allotments would seem to have survived both the local planning department and the property developers.

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