High Hazels Shelter: Members Outing: 1936

Published: October 21, 2005    Last modified: November 20, 2016

High Hazels Shelter
High Hazels Park, Sheffield, England
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High Hazels Shelter
Members Outing, 1936

In this post about High Hazels Park, Sheffield - revisited I mentioned I had a photograph of High Hazel Shelter - Members Outing - 1936.

Well, in response to a request for this photograph, I finally made time to make a scan and add it to the Gallery.

In my family there is some debate as to which of these gentleman is my grandfather Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967. Having examined an enlarged copy of the scanned image I can clearly identify him as being the person, 3rd row from the front, 5th from the left.

Can anyone now provide the destination of the members outing?

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