Clara Renwick, Jessie Renwick, Robert Renwick, Ernest Renwick and Frank Renwick

Published: September 14, 2007    Last modified: November 8, 2016

Clara Renwick, Jessie Renwick, Robert Renwick, Ernest Renwick and Frank Renwick
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Back row, left to right: Jessie Renwick, Robert (Bob) Renwick
Front row, left to right: Clara Renwick, Frank Renwick, Ernest Renwick

Another photograph of the RENWICK children from our family collection:

Jessie RENWICK 1908-1982
Robert RENWICK Deceased
Clara RENWICK 1912-Deceased
Frank RENWICK 1915-1949
Ernest RENWICK 1918-Deceased

This photograph does not have a date stamp but was probably taken about 1918 at the rear of 41 Burton Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield 6.

Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick and Jessie Renwick

Published: September 9, 2007    Last modified: November 8, 2016

Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick and Jessie Renwick
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Left to right: Harry Renwick, Clara Renwick, Jessie Renwick

I am not at all certain about the young boy being Harry RENWICK 1910-1934. My mother's identification of the male children in the family of Harry RENWICK 1885-1959 and Jessie RENWICK (née Jessie ASHFORTH 1887-1954) conflicts with some of my research.

I will document this further when time allows. I am hoping the contacts I have made with descendants of this line will be able to help resolve this issue.

2011-12-28 Further research seems to confirm that the young boy is indeed Harry RENWICK 1910-1934.

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)

Published: September 3, 2007    Last modified: November 20, 2016

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)
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Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)

Another photograph from the family collection, identified by my mother.

This photograph has a date stamp on the reverse of "23 Apr 1", exasperatingly the year falls off the edge of the photograph! Did photographic studios purposely do this knowing it would drive future researchers insane!

Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978) was my last surviving maternal great grandparent. She was born on the 23rd of July, 1883 and lived well into her nineties, passing away on the 2nd of October, 1978 at Middlewood Hospital, Sheffield.

My records show George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased, a bachelor, age 21 and a 'File Cutter' by profession, residing at Quality Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, married Emily ELLIS 1883-1978, on the 6th of October, 1901. The marriage ceremony was conducted by H A Goodwin after the reading of Banns at the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, Sheffield.

George's father is recorded as Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased and his father's profession that of 'File Cutter'. The Witnesses were Frank ELLIS and Mabel Louise ELLIS.

Frank ELLIS is most likely the uncle of Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978), since I have found a marriage record for a Frank ELLIS and a Mabel Louise HUMPHRIES in 1899.

On the same day that Frank ELLIS and Mabel Louise HUMPHRIES were married, I have found a record of marriage between one John Arthur BELLAMY and one Elizabeth SHELDON. Neither of these individuals feature in my GEDCOM so this is probably worth researching at a later date.

Read about the former Middlewood Hospital and the redevelopment of the site it occupied.

Old Comments:

Emily Bellamy
Submitted by Lyndsey Bellamy on Wed, 2012-02-22 19:57

Hi Im Thomas Bellamy's daughter Just googling some family names and came up with the picture of my grandmother Im sorry but there's no clues to who you are Can you tell me a little about yourself? Is there any more pictures?

Alice Ward (née Alice Ashforth 1891-Deceased)

Published: September 2, 2007    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Alice Ward (née Alice Ashforth 1891-Deceased)
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Alice Ward (née Alice Ashforth 1891-Deceased)

Finally after many months of 'going to' I actually did take some of the family photographs (mainly from the ASHFORTH line) back to my mother for identification. Over the next few weeks I will scan the originals and add them to my gallery.

My mother identified this photograph of my great grand aunt Alice WARD (née Alice ASHFORTH 1891-Deceased), daughter of William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899 and Ellen ASHFORTH (née Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943).

My records show Alice WARD (née Alice ASHFORTH 1891-Deceased) was born in the year 1891 at Cuthbert Bank Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was baptised on the 7th of October, 1891, by D. Hughes at the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, Sheffield. Her parents are named as Ellen and William. William's profession being that of a 'File Cutter'.

2007-11-03 Further research shows that Ellen ASHFORTH's maiden name was in fact TOMLINSON not PASLEY. To read this update please click here.

Church of Saint Helen, Gate Burton, Lincolnshire

Published: August 31, 2007    Last modified: November 5, 2016

Church of Saint Helen
Gate Burton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

In this previous post I wrote about Rebecca MAPLETHORPE (née Rebecca FORD 1855-1883) and the Church of Saint Helen at Gate Burton, Lincolnshire. Well I finally made time to take some photographs of the church and graveyard. As is often the case with churches, trees together with the bright morning sun limited the angles from which I could photograph the church. To view the 'Gallery' album of the Church of Saint Helen, Gate Burton click here.

I wandered around the graveyard in search of family names. The churchyard towards the front of the church is well kept but towards the rear many of the headstones are now inaccessible due to overgrown vegetation and I suspect many may have been moved or removed. I could not find Rebecca MAPLETHORPE (née Rebecca FORD 1855-1883) though I did find an headstone for one 'William Ford of Marton'. To view the headstone click here.

Unfortunately the church was locked, so no photographs of the interior.

William Butroid and Rebecca Butroid (née Rebecca Bowering): Church of All Saints, Misterton, Nottinghamshire

Published: August 29, 2007    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Church of All Saints, Misterton, Nottinghamshire

After walking part of the Chesterfield Canal from West Stockwith towards Gringley-on-the-Hill we decided to return by way of the north Nottinghamshire village of Misterton. This gave me the opportunity to take some photographs of the Church of All Saints, Misterton and check the headstones for family names. This graveyard is immaculately kept and congratulations must go to the person or persons responsible.

William Butroid d.1886
Rebecca Butroid d.1895

By sheer chance the first headstone I checked (shown in the photograph above) was that of one William BUTROID and his wife Rebecca BUTROID (née Rebecca BOWERING).

My great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) had a sister Sarah BUTROID (née Sarah ALLEN 1862-1943) who married Jesse BUTROID 1862-1943. Jesse was born at West Butterwick and Jesse's father John BUTROID 1840-1921, was born at East Stockwith, just across the River Trent from West Stockwith and Misterton.

At this moment in time I am not sure where William and Rebecca BUTROID fit into the family tree, but as far as I am aware this is the only connection the JACKLIN line has with Misterton.

Unusually in these times of theft and vandalism the church was open and I was able to take a few photographs of the interior together with a couple of the stained glass windows. As usual the exterior proved more of a problem, strong sunlight prohibited some angles and 'street furniture' proved invasive on others.

To view the 'Gallery' album for the Church of All Saints, Misterton, please click here.

Marton, Upton, Kexby, Gate Burton and Misterton

Published: August 28, 2007    Last modified: November 8, 2016

Church of All Saints, Upton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Over the bank holiday we spent a couple of days in and around Marton, Lincolnshire, combining some much needed exercise in the form of walking and cycling with some family history research.

We visited the following churches:

Church of All Saints, Misterton
Church of All Saints, Upton (Upton-cum-Kexby)
Church of Saint Helen, Gate Burton
Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch, Marton

and the cemetery at Trent Port Road, Marton.

I took numerous photographs of these churches together with some interesting headstones bearing the family names of FORD, CARTER, DIXON and LOCK. I will gradually add these to my 'Gallery'.

I need to spend a little time analysing the inscriptions on the headstones and no doubt will eventually be able to comment on what I discover. All in all a very rewarding weekend.

Conveyance from Allen to Eyre: Little Gringley

Published: August 6, 2007    Last modified: November 26, 2016

Little Gringley, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Little Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire

A recent online search for "Allen Little Gringley" found these documents in the 'Manuscripts & Special Collections' of the University of Nottingham.

The title of this document caught my eye:

"Conveyance from Allen to Eyre of cottage and garden in Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire; 1827"

Maybe this is one of my ALLENs or maybe one of Juanita's ALLENs selling a cottage and garden to the Eyre family, which if I am correct is the family that once owned 'The Manor of Grove' and nearby Grove Hall.

"The Eyre family had estates in Adwick le Street and Laughton in Yorkshire, which they sold in the 1760s. They also held lands in Rampton and Treswell in Nottinghamshire, as well as the Manor of Grove. The latter was purchased by Anthony Eyre in 1762. Along with Grove, the Eyres also acquired lands in Little Gringley and Ordsall, Nottinghamshire. The Grove estate passed to Granville Harcourt Vernon, seventh son of George, first Baron Vernon, who married Frances Julia, one of the daughters and heirs of Anthony Hardolph Eyre of Grove (d 1836)." - University of Nottingham

Many more documents, papers and maps relating to the 'Manor of Grove' and its various owners, and nearby villages such as Little Gringley are available in this collection:

"Estate Papers of the Eyre family of Grove, Nottinghamshire, 1500-1849"

2016-11-08 All the above links are now broken so have been removed. Searching online may find new locations. Local Authorities and Universities seem to be the worst 'offenders' for 'moving things about'!

2016-11-26 Quite by accident I found a more recent link to the "Manuscripts and Special Collections" and "Eyre of Grove" at the University of Nottingham. Most of the links in my original article can be found browsing the sub-sections i.e. Little Gringley.

Church of Saint Saviour, Clarborough, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Published: August 6, 2007    Last modified: February 14, 2017

Church of Saint Saviour, Clarborough, Retford, Nottinghamshire

In this previous post I wrote about Little Gringley near Retford, Nottinghamshire and wondering where my ancestors might be buried.

This weekend I was in the vicinity of the Church of Saint Saviour at Retford, Nottinghamshire. I took the opportunity to take some photographs and check the headstones in the graveyard. Few of the headstones remain standing and some of them have been moved to the perimeter and are facing the 'wrong' way with overgrown vegetation preventing examination of the inscriptions. I didn't find any headstones bearing the family names of ALLEN or LITTLEWOOD.

A church service was taking place so I had to forgo taking photographs of the church interior. Another time, maybe.

The Church of Saint Saviour is located on Welham Road. Closer to Retford, Welham Road eventually becomes Moorgate.

"Originally a chapel of ease to Clarborough, was created a parish in 1934 and is now classed as East Retford."

Old Comments:

Littlewoods Retford
Submitted by Roger Crookes on Fri, 2007-10-19 12:36

I tried to send a message using the 'feedback' option. Unfortunately after I had typed a rather long note I discovered I was limited to 1000 characters. Hence I shortened the note and gave you my e-mail number in case you wanted me to send you the info I have found out to before 1741 (this took approx 70 lines of text).
Please advise what you would wish me to do.

Littlewood, Clarborough
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Wed, 2007-10-17 19:27

My LITTLEWOOD lineage goes back from Fanny LITTLEWOOD abt1832 >> Joseph LITTLEWOOD abt1811 >> James LITTLEWOOD.

I have James LITTLEWOOD married to Sarah BURTON 1799, with 10 children:
Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, William, George, Samuel, Sarah and Jane.

My notes show this information came via a 3rd party and I have not had time to verify its accuracy. I also have further information courtesy of a website.

I would be very pleased to receive further information on this line. Please contact me using the Contact Form and if you wish we can exchange information.

Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

Samuel Littlewood
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2007-10-17 18:09

I have researched the Littlewoods at St saviours and confirm Samuel Littlewood married Mary Clarke 8th June 1835. Unfortunately Mary died on 23 August 1838 - I think from giving birth to a son, Nathan who also died 3 days later. Samuel went on to re marry in December quarter of 1838 and Married Elizabeth Parker. Their first child, Mary was born 10 June 1839. Mary married Thomas Moore (born Retford 1831). I do have more info on Samuel Littlewoods' parents and grandparents which I should be glad to pass on if this is lineage goes back through the Mary Littlewood/Thomas Moore line.