John William Chinn and Elizabeth Chinn (née Elizabeth Roberts)

Published: January 9, 2017    Last modified: August 14, 2017

During the early part of 2016 I received an email from a descendant of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased). The lady (whom for privacy I will refer to as MM) is the great grandaughter of Martha Patricia SAMBROOK (née Martha Patricia ELLIS 1894-Deceased) and Arthur SAMBROOK -Deceased.

Martha Patricia ELLIS was my great grand aunt, a younger sister of my great grandmother Emily ELLIS 1883-1978, their parents being George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944.

MM informed me of her grandmother's married name of CHINN. Since CHINN is a relatively easy name to search for, I decided to spend a couple of hours researching the name CHINN in and around Sheffield: this returned quite a few ancestors of MM's grandfather.

Searching publicly accessible databases I found a marriage for a John William CHINN 1902-1981 and one Elizabeth ROBERTS who died at Sheffield in 1973. I was able to find 9 children from this marriage though, sadly, several died at quite an early age.

Though as yet I cannot corroborate my findings, I am grateful for the snippets of information people send me.

Most of the people I found are probably still living so I have withheld names and relationships except for known deaths.

Gertrude Flowers 1872-1873: Another short life

Published: November 27, 2016    Last modified: January 8, 2017

Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)
Hillsborough Park, Hillsborough, Sheffield, Yorkshire
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Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)

This is rather sad. While perusing Parish Registers for descendants of Frederick LAW 1811-Deceased, my ggg grandfather, and his daughter Harriet FLOWERS (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903), my gg grandmother, I sidetracked into searching burial records for a number of Sheffield cemeteries. I found a burial for one Gertrude FLOWERS, daughter of George FLOWERS 1839-1891, buried on the 11th of June 1873 at Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield. Sadly Gertrude's age is given as 1 year.

I thought I had found all the children of George FLOWERS 1839-1891 and Harriet FLOWERS (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903) so was very surprised to find Gertrude. With a little more investigation I established Gertrude's birth year to be 1872, thus confirming Gertrude was indeed an older sister of my great grandmother Florence ASHFORTH (née Florence FLOWERS 1876-1973).

I don't recall ever having visited Burngreave Cemetery, so I have added it to my list of places to visit. Historic England provides a general overview of Burngreave Cemetery and location map.

Frederick and Mary Law: Another discovery

Published: November 23, 2016    Last modified: February 4, 2017


Today I decided to spend a few hours researching some of the more obscure ancestors of my Ashforth line.

Frederick LAW 1811-Deceased was my ggg grandfather about whom I know very little. His wife I have recorded as Mary LAW, though I have yet to carry out any serious research into her maiden name.

While trawling through Parish Registers I came across some additional children, in fact one is the twin brother of Harriet LAW 1836-1903, my gg grandmother. I had already established a date of birth and baptism for Harriet LAW 1836-1903 and included in my notes is a flag to show she had a twin brother or sister. Past research for a twin has drawn a blank, consequently I half expected the twin died shortly after birth since I could find no record of birth or baptism. Until today that is.

I'm not sure if this is the result of more data being available or the fact that in the past I have failed to search for 'Harriett' as well as 'Harriet'. Whatever, I came across a baptism for one Frederick LAW born 15th of October 1836 and baptised at the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Sheffield (Sheffield Cathedral), on the 30th of October 1836.

An added bonus was the discovery of two more children, Mary Ann LAW and Ellen LAW. Mary Ann LAW was born on the 20th January 1829 and baptised on the 8th February 1829. Ellen LAW was born on the 5th of February 1831 and baptised on the 17th of April 1831. Both daughters were baptised at the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Church Street, Sheffield.

In order to establish the maiden name of Mary LAW, I will place an order to Sheffield Register Office for the birth certificate of George LAW 1838-Deceased, since he is the only child I have a record of that was born post July 1837, i.e. when registration began.

In my notes I have an England and Wales Census 1841 record:

FHJ Ref: 039
Census: England and Wales Census 1841
Place: Roscoe Field, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Household: Frederick Law


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Interestingly there is no record of Frederick LAW, Ellen LAW or Mary Ann LAW. I am of course assuming this is the correct household, though despite the vagaries of the England and Wales Census 1841, the ages do seem to be correct.

Harold Carter 1913-1977

Published: November 12, 2016    Last modified: November 23, 2016

Harold Carter 1913-1977
Photograph courtesy the family of Joseph and Mary Maria Carter
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Harold Carter 1913-1977
Photograph courtesy the family of GH

Harold CARTER 1913-1977 was the stepbrother of my paternal grandmother Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON 1901-1983). Ivy's father Samuel DIXON 1869-1906 passed away on the 20th November 1906, succumbing to tuberculosis at a relatively early age. Mary Maria MAPLETHORPE 1878-1964, Samuel's widow, later married Joseph CARTER 1872-1959 and the marriage produced two children:

Harold CARTER 1913-1977
Kathleen LOCK (née Kathleen CARTER 1917-Deceased)

Often during the summer holidays I would stay at my Aunt Kath's house, situated on a little close off the Roman road that is Littleborough Lane, Marton near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Uncle Harold managed a farm at nearby Fillingham. One of my earliest childhood recollections is staying overnight at his farmhouse, having spent the afternoon exploring the farmyard and making dens and playing on the haystack. A few years ago myself and one of my Marton cousins drove past the area where he farmed, but alas the farmhouse has been demolished.

Harold married Annie CARTER (née Annie LANCASTER 1914-1997), a wonderful lady who had worked in service at nearby Gate Burton Hall. Their marriage produce 2 children, both of whom are alive, one of whom I occasionally 'bump into' when visiting the Marton area.

Annie LANCASTER was a wonderful teller of stories about life: both working in service for the landed gentry and working the land in and around Fillingham. I had the pleasure to meet Annie in the 1990s, just a few years before she died; by this time she was living in a bungalow at Upton. For several hours she kept us entertained with stories of working in service at Gate Burton Hall and escapades of an earlier era. I will try and obtain some photographs of Annie and provide further details in another post.

Register of Inmates, Ecclesall Bierlow Workhouse

Published: October 30, 2016    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)
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Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)

It has been quite a while since I carried out any family history research. So searching online, in response to a comment posted regarding the Ashforth families in Sheffield, I found I was in for quite a surprise. Searching for 'Ashforth' and 'Sheffield' I came across this entry for my great grandmother Florence ASHFORTH (née Florence FLOWERS) 1876-1973 and my grandfather Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990: in the Register of Inmates for Ecclesall Bierlow Workhouse 1883 - 1907 (Surnames A – C).

FHJ Ref: 200
Index to Register of Inmates, Ecclesall Bierlow Workhouse, 1883 – 1907 (Surnames A – C)

Date of admissionLast nameFirst nameDate of birthTradePage number
1 Oct 1905AshforthFlorence15 Dec 1879Wife3
1 Oct 1905AshforthErnest24 Feb 1905Wife3

Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990
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Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990

Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 was born on the 24th February 1905, he had an older brother William Henry ASHFORTH 1896-1916 born on the 28th June 1896 at 38 Burton Street, Sheffield (William died at the Battle of the Somme, 10 July 1916, aged 20 years). Florence married William Henry ASHFORTH 1873-1926 on the 25th December 1895 at the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, Sheffield.

Florence's mother Harriet Flowers (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903) died 1903 and her father George FLOWERS 1839-1891 died 1891, so Florence had no parents for support. I can only surmise the addition of another child forced her to seek help from the workhouse.

Beighton Street, Darnall, Sheffield 9

Published: March 24, 2015    Last modified: November 19, 2016

Picture Sheffield has a photograph of Beighton Street dated 1966. Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON)'s house at 23, Beighton Street is shown just past the car and street lamp and immediately before the change in roof level. This brings back many memories.

Ernest and Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy): Bridlington

Published: March 16, 2015    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990 and Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990
Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

I added to the Gallery, a few photographs of my maternal grandparents Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 and Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992) and Spot their dog. Taken along the promenade at Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire, most likely by the resort photographers. Most years during 'Works Week' they would travel by train from Sheffield to Bridlington to take their annual holiday.

Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) and Spot
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Spot the dog
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Georgiana Ward (née Georgiana Allen 1879-1965)

Published: March 14, 2015    Last modified: February 8, 2017

Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)
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Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)

This information has taken me quite some time to document and publish but at the time it came as quite a surprise:

Through the "Suggest a change" form at Family History Journal I received the following email:

Proposed Change: Ziller ALLEN (I22)
Tree: Jacklin / Ashforth
Link: Ziller ALLEN
Description: Zillah was mother of Georgina 06/03/1879-1965 father not registered. Georgina(eanor) married Charles Henry Ward 1896 Aston parish church Sheffield. Zillah is my G.G.Grandmother.

Basically this email informed me that my grandfather Wilfred Jacklin 1896-1967 had a step sister by the name of Georgina (Georgiana). I immediately phoned my aunt, the daughter of Wilfred Jacklin 1896-1967 and Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON) 1901-1983 and asked if she was aware of this step sister; no she wasn't.

So this opened up a whole new avenue to explore.

I replied to BW and he provided me with a synopsis of Georgiana's family history:
Georgiana known to the family as Georgina married Charles Henry Ward at Aston Parish Church¹ and had 8 children. The eldest daughter had 5 children including the mother of BW.

I sent for Georgiana's birth certificate because Fanny Allen² would have been in her 50s when she was born. I have enclosed copies of birth and marriage
certificates. The name on the marriage certificate is Eanor which is a mystery to the family.

¹ Aston Parish Church is the Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire.

² Fanny ALLEN (née Fanny LITTLEWOOD) 1832-1915, the mother of Ziller (Zillah, Zellaby) ALLEN 1858-1949

In the census record shown below, Georgina, or Georgiana ALLEN 1879-1965 is shown to be 2 years old and a grandaughter of John ALLEN 1831-Deceased, though at this time Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 is living and working at East Drayton, Nottinghamshire, in the the household of George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased.

FHJ Ref: 008
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: Little Gringley, Retford, Nottinghamshire
Household: John Allen

AllenJohnHeadMarriedMale50Agricultural LabourerLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenFannyWifeMarriedFemale49East Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenElizabethDaurUFemale20General Servant DomesticLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenDavidSonUMale14Agricultural LabourerLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohnSonUMale12ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenSallyDaurUFemale10ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenTomSonUMale7ScholarLittle Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenHarrietDaurUFemale4Little Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenJaneG DaurUFemale5Workhouse, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire
AllenGeorgianaG DaurUFemale2Workhouse, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire

To view this table full width please click here.

In the census record shown below Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 is living in the household of George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased. I must admit, it had never crossed my mind to link Georgiana to Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 as a daughter.

FHJ Ref: 002
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 4 North Street, East Drayton, Nottingham, England
Household: George Smithson

SmithsonGeorgeHeadMMale51Agricultural LabourerHeadon, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonJaneWifeMFemale28Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohn HStep SonMale9ScholarLambeth, Surrey
AllenJaneStep DaughterFemale7ScholarRetford, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonElizabethDaughterFemale2East Drayton, Nottinghamshire
AllenZillahSister In LawUFemale22Dom Serv Unemployed (Farm)Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

To view this table full width please click here.

Of course this still leaves me with the mystery of Elizabeth ALLEN, as shown by the census record below, living in the household of Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN) 1858-1949. To view an earlier article regarding Elizabeth ALLEN please click here.

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Little Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Little Gringley, Lincolnshire

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Joseph Carter 1872-1959

Published: February 28, 2015    Last modified: January 29, 2017

Joseph Carter 1877-1959 and Mary Maria Carter (née Mary Maria Maplethorpe 1878-1964) Outside their cottage at Marton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Photograph courtesy the family of Joseph and Mary Maria Carter
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Joseph Carter 1872-1959
Mary Maria Carter (née Mary Maria Maplethorpe) 1878-1964
Outside their cottage at Marton, Lincolnshire
Photograph courtesy the family of GH

For quite some time I have been aware of incorrect data added to my GEDCOM for the family of Joseph CARTER 1872-1959 (the second husband of my great grandmother Mary Maria CARTER (née MAPLETHORPE) 1878-1964). For the last couple of years I have not found the time to manage these pages and so this issue was never fixed. Yesterday evening I decided to correct the issue with Joseph CARTER. At the back of my mind I seemed to remember he was born near Spurn Point in what was the East Riding of Yorkshire. My memory also flagged up the north-east of Lincolnshire, though it took me the best part of a couple of hours to remember the area I had in mind goes by the name Isle of Axholme.

Well after several hours and many online searches I had failed to make any progress, until eventually, yet another online search provided the data I was seeking. Unbelievably this was my own web site.

The story is this: some time in the past I had transcribed an England and Wales Census 1901 entry for Joseph CARTER and added it to my website. Since I decline to pay for Census information to which the tax payer has already contributed, I seem to remember my sister had at some point provided me with a few pages of 1901 Census data that she had purchased. This included the data regarding Joseph CARTER which I will republish here:

FHJ Ref: 036
Census: England and Wales Census 1901
Place: Upton. Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Household: Joseph Carter

CarterJosephHeadMarriedMale59Farmer, EmployerGlentham, Lincolnshire
CarterMarthaWifeMarriedFemale57Patrington, Yorkshire
CarterHenrySonSingleMale31Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterJosephSonSingleMale28Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterMarthaDaughterSingleFemale28Mother's HelpSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterSarah JDaughterSingleFemale21Mother's HelpSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterArthurSonMarriedMale18Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterElizabethDaughterSingleFemale21Mother's HelpGlentham, Lincolnshire

To view this table full width please click here.

So having established the correct family, his birth place at Sunk Island and the name of his father, a few searches soon revealed a marriage for his father. Joseph CARTER married Martha KIRKWOOD, on the 14th May 1868 at Patrington, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The names, dates and places are what I would expect so I am confident enough to add this family to my GEDCOM.

This is the link to the family of Joseph CARTER and Martha CARTER (née KIRKWOOD).

Read about Sunk Island.

Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Published: April 14, 2012    Last modified: January 12, 2017

 Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased
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Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Edwin BELLAMY 1919-Deceased was the 7th child of George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978, my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY) 1903-1992 being the eldest.

I have fond memories of visiting Edwin and Peggy (Margaret) BELLAMY (née Margaret KETTLEWELL) 1924-Deceased at their home on a cul-de-sac at Shalesmoor, Sheffield, just around the corner from the old Roscoe Picture Palace (formerly the Peoples' Electric Picture Palace and latterly the Roscoe Casino). Eventually the area was cleared to make way for the Sheffield Ring Road and new tramway system.

Edwin and Peggy had just the one child, Philip BELLAMY 1949-Deceased. I was born a few months earlier, hence we often played together. Sadly Philip was to die in his mid-twenties.

I remember attending a 5th of November bonfire party, the bonfire being in the middle of the street, and the local community providing hot potatoes, hot chestnuts, bonfire toffee (sticky black toffee) and toffee apples. The Health and Safety zealots at Sheffield City Council had yet to make their mark, otherwise I'm sure the wonderful time we all had would soon have been curtailed. As it was, the street which was surfaced with ubiquitous and beautiful cobbles was eventually metalled, but my did the tar burn well the following year! I assume eventually the council came to realise why areas of cobbles were showing through scorched tarmacadam, since soon afterwards the event would pass into history.

At this time I lived just off Owlerton Green at Hawksley Road. Occasionally we would walk to Peggy and Edwin's house taking a route which lead along Owlerton Green, across Penistone Road, along Livesey Street towards Wardsend Cemetery. Here we would take a footbridge cross the River Don and turn right along a track by Neepsend Power Station. The track, Club Mill Road, headed south following the east bank of the River Don eventually re-joining the main road at Hillfoot Bridge, Neepsend.

I'm not certain where, but somewhere along this route closer to Neepsend, Edwin maintained an allotment. I never forget the sight of Edwin in amongst his pigs, while trying to hold a conversation with my parents.

After Peggy died Edwin moved to Thirsk, the town in north Yorkshire where Peggy was born. I understand from my mother that Peggy and Edwin met during the time Edwin was stationed near Thirsk, during World War II.

Mother and Edwin kept in touch and I recall sometime after his move to Thirsk he contacted my mother, regarding creating a family tree. I think he was hoping I might help, but at this time in my life, although I had always taken an interest in our family history I had never carried out any serious research. I was too busy renovating houses, and pursuing a career in IT. I didn't become involved in family history until 2000.

I have always regretted not contacting Edwin, I'm sure he would have been a mind of information, but that is family history, wait too long and the source will pass on.