Sabbatical: Visit of Juanita and Al Lewis

Published: January 17, 2007    Last modified: November 14, 2016

Juanita and Al Lewis
Church of Saint John the Baptist, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire

It has been the best part of one year since I made a post to this journal. My father passed away February 2006 and as a result the search for my family's history lost momentum.

Despite this sad event, 2006, from the family history perspective was not without its high points. In this post I mentioned a lady from the US with whom I had exchanged family history details. Well in June 2006 as part of her 80th birthday celebrations Juanita LEWIS and her son Al LEWIS made the trip to England in order to carry out further research into ALLEN family history in and around the Retford area of north Nottinghamshire.

My wife and I travelled to Retford, Nottinghamshire to meet with Juanita and Al at their hotel. We then spent an enjoyable day driving to some of the locations Juanita and Al wished to visit. We had a truly wonderful time following up some of the names and places recorded in Juanita's notes.

To read more about Juanita and Al's visit please click here.

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