Sheffield Register Office

Published: December 21, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017


Today I phoned Sheffield Register Office to check if the certificates I had ordered were ready for collection. The lady I spoke to took some details and said she would call back later. I was out of the office when she called but a colleague conveyed a message which advised a birth certificate for Mary Ann TURNER 1861-Deceased could not be found but a 5 year search would now be carried out.

With no information forthcoming regarding the other 2 certificates (Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased's birth certificate and Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased and Mary Ann TURNER 1861-Deceased's marriage certificate) I am a little in the dark as to the status of all 3 certificates. I will call again Thursday, though I will probably not have time to collect until after the Christmas break.

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