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Mrs Ellen Ashforth: Shopkeeper

Published: September 7, 2008    Last modified: November 18, 2016

Ellen Ashforth (née Ellen Tomlinson 1855-1943)
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Ellen Ashforth (née Ellen Tomlinson) 1855-1943

Looking through my notes I came across an entry I made but never commented on.

This entry is to be found in White's Trade Directory, Sheffield, 1911:

Mrs Ellen Ashforth, Shopkeeper, 41 Burton Street

At the time of her son William Henry ASHFORTH 1873-1926's marriage to Florence FLOWERS 1876-1973 in December 1895, Ellen ASHFORTH (née Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943) is residing at 172 Cuthbert Bank Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Cuthbert Bank Road cuts across Bamforth Street and Burton Street.

I cannot confirm this is my gg grandmother Ellen ASHFORTH (née Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943) but it could well be.

2009-01-25 I had completely overlooked the fact that the Renwicks / Ashforths were known to be living at 41 Burton Street.

2010-09-21 The death certificate for Ellen ASHFORTH (née Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943) records her death as 10th July 1943 at 41 Burton Street, Sheffield. I think it is safe to assume that the entry to be found in White's Trade Directory, Sheffield, 1911 for Mrs Ellen ASHFORTH (née Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943) is that of my gg grandmother.

Rosa Ashforth 1874: Birth Certificate

Published: November 3, 2007    Last modified: October 14, 2017


At long last I seem to have found a maiden surname for the spouse of William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899. I have received from Sheffield Register Office the birth certificate for Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased.

Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased was born on the 23rd of February, 1874 at 83 Duncombe Street, Nether Hallam, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Her father is William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899 and her mother Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943.

My notes show I have a baptism record for Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased:

Ashforth, Rosie (adult) (of 172 Cuthbert Bank Rd).
Baptised December 5, 1888, by AH Rhodes at St John the Baptist Church, Owlerton.
Parents name(s) are Helena; William (File-cutter).

Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased is recorded as an adult. It would appear both William Henry ASHFORTH 1873-1926 and Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased were born before their parents were married.

This probably explains why Rosa was nearly 15 years of age when she was baptised.

My notes show a marriage in 1876 for William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899 and Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943. I will submit a request to Sheffield Register Office for this marriage certificate.

The Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

2007-11-25 I have transcribed the birth certificate of Rosa ASHFORTH 1874-Deceased. To view her birth certificate please click here.