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Wilfred Jacklin 1926-1926: Birth

Published: September 2, 2008    Last modified: November 19, 2016

A few years ago I was chatting with my late father's sister about my paternal grandparents Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967 and Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON 1901-1983). My father Ronald JACKLIN 1922-2006 was born 1922 and his sister 1937. I was curious about the age gap and the fact that there were no other children. My aunt suggested she had an inkling there may have been another child though she could not substantiate her claim.

This last weekend I was searching through FreeBMD and noticed many more records had been added for the 1920's. I ran an 'All Types' search on 'JACKLIN' for 'West Riding of Yorkshire' and scrolling through the entries came across one for a 'Wilfred JACKLIN' in 1926. At first I thought I was looking at a record for my grandfather Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967 then I realised that I was also seeing the name 'DIXON' and it suddenly dawned on me I was looking at a birth for 1926.

So my aunt's inkling has proved to be correct. There was another child by the name of Wilfred JACKLIN 1926-1926, born 1926 at Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

Now I can categorically state that no one in the family, my late father included, has ever mentioned my father had a younger brother. Currently the FreeBMD records for JACKLIN only extend to the year end of 1929 and since I can only presume the child died very young I have yet to find an entry of death. I guess to proceed any further I will have to try the Sheffield Register Office.

Family history can be very surprising!

2008-09-07 I spoke with my mother regarding this matter. Apparently my father was aware of another child but thought it was a girl. A pity my father died before I discovered this information.
According to my mother, my father's mother Ivy JACKLIN (née Ivy DIXON 1901-1983) was always reticent to talk about family matters.
I can only presume the child had a short life, otherwise my father would surely have remembered more details.

2008-12-31 I now know that Wilfred JACKLIN 1926-1926 died shortly after his birth. To to read this article please click here.