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Wardsend Cemetery: Harry and Jessie Renwick (née Jessie Ashforth) and Dion Williamson

Published: January 12, 2017    Last modified: January 15, 2017

Wardsend Cemetery, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Wardsend Cemetery, Sheffield

While searching for a plan of Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield (which I have now obtained) I came across links to Wardsend Cemetery, Sheffield.

Wardsend Cemetery is a place I have visited in the past (see the Related Posts at the end of this article) since this is where some of my ancestors were laid to rest. In this post I described finding the headstone of Albert ASHFORTH, Harry RENWICK and Frank RENWICK.

Well to cut a long story short, several years ago I attended a Family and Local History Day, at Bradfield Village Hall, Sheffield and purchased several CDs, of which one is an index of burials with some inscriptions from Wardsend Cemetery, courtesy the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery.

Looking at my notes regarding the RENWICK and ASHFORTH ancestors who are buried at Wardsend, I came across the following inscription which I had found on the aforementioned CD:

In loving memory of a dearly loved wife and mother Jessie RENWICK who
fell asleep 14th May 1954 aged 67 years
Also Harry the beloved husband of the above who died 10th October 1959
aged 74 years
Also Dion son of Harry and Jessie WILLIAMSON of New Zealand and
grandson of the above who died 30th December 1963 aged 23 years
“Till we meet again”

Dion (Douglas Roy) WILLIAMSON 1940-1963 of New Zealand, who died as a result of a sad and tragic accident during a visit to Sheffield, was also laid to rest at Wardsend Cemetery, alongside Jessie RENWICK (née Jessie ASHFORTH 1887-1954) and Harry RENWICK 1885-1959.

In previous visits I have not been able to find this headstone, but since I plan to visit Crookes and Burngreave cemeteries in the not too distant future I thought it may be worth while exploring Wardsend Cemetery before the vegetation, once again, begins to obscure the headstones. Anyone who has visited Wardsend Cemetery in the last 20 years will understand what a formidable task this is!

The last time I visited Wardsend Cemetery it was in a terrible state; I doubt this has changed. To view more photographs of Wardsend Cemetery, please click here.

Bradfield Archives

Published: September 12, 2010    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Bradfield Parish Council Offices Home of Bradfield Archives

Bradfield Parish Council Offices: Home of Bradfield Archives

Currently I have traced my ASHFORTH line back to the birth of one George ASHFORTH 1814-Deceased at Bradfield circa 1814. I have little concrete evidence to support this entry in my GEDCOM so I need to travel to Low Bradfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire in order to visit Bradfield Archives, the archives being held in Bradfield Parish Council Offices, Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield.

Low Bradfield is only 5 miles from Owlerton, Sheffield, the place where I was born. Incredibly this village has managed to avoid being 'swallowed up' by an expanding city and is almost as I remember it as a child. The most noticeable change being the replacement of the wonderful corrugated iron roofed village hall with a more modern building. A great pity though I suppose it eventually became necessary.

While checking the archive opening times on the Friends of Bradfield Archives website I noticed two upcoming events which I would like to attend:

  1. Tuesday, 12th October 2010 - History Workshops
  2. Sunday, 24th October 2010 - Family & Local History Day

Certainly the second event which will be attended by several local history groups and societies, may be very useful in my research of the ASHFORTH line, since many ASHFORTH families originate from this parish.

I am not sure what has happened to the Bradfield Parish Council website since the link from the Bradfield Archives is broken and other links are being redirected to what looks like cyber squatters.

2010-11-13 I did make time to attend the Family and Local History Day at Bradfield Village Hall. To read about my visit to the Family and Local History Day, Bradfield Village Hall please click here.

2015-03-04 The Bradfield Archives website seems to be fully functional now.

John Ashforth died 1768 and William Ashforth died 1825: Headstone

Published: October 15, 2007    Last modified: January 12, 2017

John Ashforth died 1768, William Ashforth died 1825

Church of Saint Nicholas, High Bradfield, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
John Ashforth 1768 of Stannington
Also William Son of the above who died (illegible) 1825

Combining a walk around the Bradfield area near Sheffield, South Yorkshire with a little family history, I planned our walking route so we would pass by the graveyard at the Church of Saint Nicholas, High Bradfield.

This is rather a large graveyard given that even today the local population consists mainly of small hamlets and hill farms, though judging by the inscriptions the graveyard served many local villages even though these are several miles away.

With limited time our search was rather random but luckily within a couple of minutes our eyes fell upon a small headstone inscribed with the names John and William ASHFORTH. The inscription reads:

John Ashforth 1768 of Stannington
Also William Son of the above who died (illegible) 1825

The headstone is embedded quite deeply in the ground and not wishing to cause any damage we simply had to make do with what was visible. Below the surface there could be further inscriptions, though judging by the proportions of the headstone, I doubt it.

For any researchers not familiar with this area, Stannington, originally a small hill top village, is now more or less a part of Sheffield. In fact from 1955 to 1959 I lived and went to school at Stannington and it was very much a village though signs of expansion were quite noticeable.

Low Bradfield and High Bradfield are rather remarkable, just 3 miles from the outskirts of Sheffield they have managed to retain their status as small villages. Low Bradfield has a post office that also serves as general store and cafe, together with a magnificent cricket ground. High Bradfield boasts the magnificent Church of Saint Nicholas. Quintessential West Riding of Yorkshire villages, now in the administrative area of South Yorkshire.

So far all my ASHFORTH line originate from Sheffield. I am about to obtain more ASHFORTH birth, marriage and death certificates that may lead me a further afield, though intuition tells me John and William ASHFORTH are not part of my immediate family.

2010-11-10 I recently attended a Family History Fair at Bradfield Village Hall, Low Bradfield near Sheffield. A group representing the Friends of Bradfield Archives held a plan of the burials at the Church of St. Nicholas, High Bradfield. This showed at least 2 other Ashforth burial plots. I made a rough sketch of the location of these plots and on my next visit to the churchyard will try and locate the headstones.

Old Comments:

My father John Edward Asforth Sr, died 4/28/1984
Submitted by Susan on Sat, 2010-06-26 21:20

I wish I could track down his family, grew up not knowing any of them. All I ever met was my Grandmother once who loved in Cinn, Ohio. I think I have family in the New England area.

Wardsend Cemetery, Owlerton, Sheffield

Published: May 11, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Wardsend Cemetery

Headstone right - Harry, Emily and George Waller
Headstone left - Albert Ashforth, Harry Renwick, Frank Renwick

I came across the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery site a few years ago, though it would appear not to have had any major updates since. Unfortunately the site uses flash, java applets and music arrrrgh... and I had to open it with Internet Explorer rather than my usual Firefox. It really needs a re-design to be more user friendly. Nevertheless it provides some interesting information, though I don't know how active this group is. The site advertises tours of the cemetery and also gives a contact phone number.

I am aware some of my ancestors are buried at Wardsend Cemetery, Owlerton, Sheffield so maybe I will try the contact number and see if tours are still available.

2007-01-20 This site is still operational and now works with Firefox.


Recently I received an email from the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery advising me of a change of web address.
The 'Friends of Wardsend Cemetery' now have a new website at:-
which replaces the old one. The new site will be updated on a regular basis, unlike the old site.

The website is much improved and I have updated my links to point to the new address.

The group is still very much active and I recently met with them at a Family and Local History Day at Bradfield Village Hall. To read my article 'Family and Local History Day, Bradfield Village Hall' please click here.

I also attended one of the tours of Wardsend Cemetery organised by The Friends of Wardsend Cemetery, highly recommended, but take some stout footwear! To read my article 'Wardsend Cemetery - The guiding spirit of George Waller' please click here.