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Gertrude Flowers 1872-1873: Another short life

Published: November 27, 2016    Last modified: January 8, 2017

Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)
Hillsborough Park, Hillsborough, Sheffield, Yorkshire
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Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)

This is rather sad. While perusing Parish Registers for descendants of Frederick LAW 1811-Deceased, my ggg grandfather, and his daughter Harriet FLOWERS (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903), my gg grandmother, I sidetracked into searching burial records for a number of Sheffield cemeteries. I found a burial for one Gertrude FLOWERS, daughter of George FLOWERS 1839-1891, buried on the 11th of June 1873 at Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield. Sadly Gertrude's age is given as 1 year.

I thought I had found all the children of George FLOWERS 1839-1891 and Harriet FLOWERS (née Harriet LAW 1836-1903) so was very surprised to find Gertrude. With a little more investigation I established Gertrude's birth year to be 1872, thus confirming Gertrude was indeed an older sister of my great grandmother Florence ASHFORTH (née Florence FLOWERS 1876-1973).

I don't recall ever having visited Burngreave Cemetery, so I have added it to my list of places to visit. Historic England provides a general overview of Burngreave Cemetery and location map.