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John Henry Allen 1872-Deceased: Baptism

Published: October 14, 2017    Last modified: October 18, 2017

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

This post is once again as a result of the searches I was making regarding Zillah LITTLEWOOD (née Zillah FENTON abt. 1807-1862).

The England and Wales Census 1881 records Jane SMITHSON (née Jane ALLEN 1853-1892) the eldest of the Allen siblings married to George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased and living at East Drayton, Nottinghamshire.

Interestingly a John H ALLEN 1872-Deceased is recorded as a step son, born at Lambeth, Surrey (now more commonly shown as Lambeth, London), one of the few of my Nottinghamshire ALLEN line to be born outside of the north Nottinghamshire area.

FHJ Ref: 002
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 4 North Street, East Drayton, Nottingham, England
Household: George Smithson
Registration Number:

SmithsonGeorgeHeadMMale51Agricultural LabourerHeadon, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonJaneWifeMFemale28Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohn HStep SonMale9ScholarLambeth, Surrey
AllenJaneStep DaughterFemale7ScholarRetford, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonElizabethDaughterFemale2East Drayton, Nottinghamshire
AllenZillahSister In LawUFemale22Dom Serv Unemployed (Farm)Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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Quite by chance I came across a baptism record giving a little more detail:

John Henry ALLEN 1872-Deceased was baptised at the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire on the 19th of June 1878. His mother is shown to be Jane ALLEN and the register notes record 'Born in London. Mother shown as now SMITHSON'.

My great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) is also recorded as living at East Drayton, in the SMITHSON household.

George SMITHSON and Jane ALLEN were married on the 17th May 1875 at the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton. George is shown to be 44 years of age and Jane 24 years of age.

Joseph Allen and Hannah Allen

Published: January 30, 2007    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Joseph Allen and Hannah Allen
Church of Saint Peter, Hayton, Nottinghamshire

In May 2006 we travelled to Retford, north Nottinghamshire and met up with Juanita Lewis and her son Al Lewis. Juanita and Al had travelled from the USA on a weeks holiday in order to discover more of their family history. The day turned out to be full of surprises and the discovery of this headstone was one of them.

Juanita is researching the ALLEN line of her family so we spent some time visiting various locations Juanita and Al wished to see, with Al doing an exceptional job driving on the 'wrong side' of the road and negotiating the narrow lanes of north Nottinghamshire.

Our first visit was to the Church of Saint John the Baptist at Clarborough. Unfortunately as is the norm in these times the church was locked so we wandered about the graveyard, took some photographs and searched the headstones for clues.

On leaving Saint John's, and quite by accident, we came across the Church of Saint Peter at nearby Hayton. It appeared many of the headstones had been removed so we wandered in and amongst those that remained searching the legible headstones for family names. As usual many of the inscriptions, due to time and erosion, were now illegible so we were tremendously lucky to we find a headstone for Joseph ALLEN and Hannah ALLEN which was perfectly legible.

The inscription on the headstone reads:

Loving Memory Of
Beloved Husband Of
Hannah Allen
Died May 24th 1927
Aged 74 Years
At Rest
Also Of Hannah
Wife Of The Above
Died March 19th 1976
Aged 83 Years

It was only this evening while studying my photographs of the headstone in order to decipher the inscription that I noticed, and even then only after several readings, the difference in ages.

As yet I have not had the time to carry out further research into which line of the ALLEN families Joseph may originate. Indeed Juanita may be a good starting point in trying to answer this question.

Old Comments:

Gravestone Hayton Churchyard Nottinghamshire
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Sat, 2010-01-02 12:03

Edgar, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Research shows there to be several ALLEN lines in and around the Clarborough, Nottinghamshire area. This information is very welcome and I will make Juanita aware of these facts, since she too is researching an ALLEN line from this area.

Gravestone Hayton Churchyard Nottinghamshire
Submitted by Edgar Allen on Fri, 2010-01-01 14:55

The Gravestone to which you refer is that of my late grandfather Joseph and grandmother Hannah Allen. You are indeed correct with regard to the differences in their ages and the same curiosity that led me to trace my family tree. My grandmother Hannah or as I found her real name Annie married my grandfather in 1912 in Lincoln. He was aged 60 and she was 20. Hannah was my grandfathers second wife and had been the housemaid to him and his first wife Anne when they lived in Sheffield. I have not been able to establish why, but after the death of his first wife my grandfather moved to Carr Road in Lincoln. When he married Hannah (Nee Annie Hodkin) she was already 7 months pregnant with my Aunt Emma and clearly the reason they married.

So far I have traced the male line of my family Allen back to 1720 in Sheffield where they were cutlers and file makers. I have not been able to trace any association to the Allen's that lived in the villages of Little Gringley and Clarborough.

Good wishes and good luck with your research.

Edgar Allen

Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project

Published: May 10, 2005    Last modified: March 4, 2015

Southwell and Nottingham Church History Project is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the Diocese of Southwell:

The Southwell Church History project began as a labour of love by the late John Severn. His intention was to build a reliable database of historical knowledge about all of the churches of Southwell Diocese.

This database of churches includes the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, a church I visited a few weeks ago while researching my ALLEN ancestors.

2008-01-05 Click here to view my photographs of the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton.

2015-03-04 This project is still active, though the website appears to have been re-vamped and extended. I have updated the links.

East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Published: April 10, 2005    Last modified: February 4, 2017
Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

Continuing my research into Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) my great grandmother, we decided to visit various villages mentioned in the England and Wales Census of 1881 and 1891. These villages are located east of Retford, Nottinghamshire and I was curious to see if some on the spot research might turn up some more clues.

The first village was East Drayton, we strolled around the churchyard but many of the gravestones were too badly eroded to make out names. As is the norm nowadays, the church itself was closed. Though we could have obtained the keys from named village residents, it seemed a shame to disturb their Sunday afternoon.