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George Ellis and Emily Ellis (née Emily Rosewarne): Burial Records

Published: January 11, 2017    Last modified: January 17, 2017

George Ellis 1860-Deceased
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George Ellis 1860-1928

During research of my family names ROSEWARNE and ELLIS, I came across, in some burial records, the name of my gg grandmother Emily ELLIS (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944). I had already established her date of birth, marriage and death but it was rewarding to find where she had been laid to rest. The burial record also provided her last known address, that of 36 Finlay Street, Sheffield. The address rang a bell, since I had already seen this address while researching ELLIS baptisms.

Though I had details of Emily's important dates I had never been able to establish when her husband (my gg grandfather) George ELLIS had passed away. I had his date of birth but the date of his passing had always eluded me. Though Ellis is a very common surname, as is the forename George, having the address made it a relatively easy task to now find the correct George ELLIS's burial record: George was buried on March 5, 1928 and Emily on February 25, 1944.

In the latter years of their lives, fortunately, George and Emily had remained in the same house at 36 Finlay Street, a large house I remember as a child visiting: complete with stables, a horse and a carriage, and according to my mother, two staircases.

Eventually the house would be demolished to make way for a road widening scheme; some call it progress.

The burial records show Emily and George were buried at Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield. So come some fine spring weather I will take a trip to Crookes and armed with the grave number and a plan of the cemetery, hope to locate and photograph the headstone. Assuming there is one and it hasn't been laid horizontal due to health and safety concerns.

Blanche Crookes (née Blanche Bellamy)

Published: April 17, 2005    Last modified: November 7, 2016

In order to corroborate the husband of Blanche BELLAMY I searched the England and Wales Census 1901 on 'first name', 'gender', 'approximate age' and 'where born'.

This entry would seem to confirm previous results which produced the names 'William CARTER' and 'Henry CROOKES':

Blanche CROOKES, 36, Sheffield, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire

I think it is reasonably safe to add the surname CROOKES to my GEDCOM.

2005-12-15 Further research has shown this data is probably NOT linked to my family. This data may prove useful to other researchers so I will retain it.