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George Knapton 1903-Deceased and Edith Bellamy 1906-1993

Published: January 14, 2009    Last modified: February 12, 2017

Edith Knapton (née Edith Bellamy 1906-1993)
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Edith Knapton (née Edith Bellamy 1906-1993)

Edith KNAPTON (née Edith BELLAMY 1906-1993) whom I always knew as Aunt Edith was the younger sister of my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992). Edith married George KNAPTON 1903-Deceased at Sheffield, Yorkshire in June 1926.

My recollections of Aunt Edith are:

A very loud voice.
A great gossip (in the nicest sense).
A shopkeeper (and owner of numerous shops, though not all at the same time, in and around Hillsborough, Sheffield).
Always referred to sweets as 'spice', which she always offered me when I visited her sweet shop at Holme Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

Uncle George was the complete opposite: quiet and patient, and I seem to recall had an interest in electronics.

Aunt Edith and Uncle George had two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom, as far as I know, are still alive, so I will withhold their names for privacy.

During the summer of 1991 my younger sister and I decided to take our grandmother Emily who was still residing at Hillsborough, Sheffield to visit her sister Edith whom she had not seen for many years and who now lived at Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Edith's husband George KNAPTON 1903-Deceased was now deceased and Emily's husband Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 had died at Sheffield in September 1990. Edith's son had moved away from Sheffield and settled at Flamborough near Bridlington, East Yorkshire and Aunt Edith who in her latter years lived close by her sister Emily at Sheffield, had taken up residence in a care home at Bridlington so her son could oversee her welfare. Both Emily and Edith were now in their eighties. My sister and I both felt that this might be the last chance that the sisters had of ever meeting again.

We arranged with Edith's son to meet at his house at Flamborough. He collected Aunt Edith from her care home and we collected our grandmother from Sheffield and drove to Flamborough, East Yorkshire. I had not seen Edith since she had moved to Bridlington and it was many years since I had seen her son. I was struck by how much weight Aunt Edith had gained, so much so, that for quite some time Emily failed to realise that this person was her sister Edith. Edith's son and his wife were very hospitable and we had an entertaining day listening to family reminisces.

A few weeks after this visit our grandmother Emily suffered a debilitating stroke that left her with limited movement. Emily died in November 1992 and her sister died a few weeks later in January 1993. So it turned out to be quite fortuitous that we arranged the meeting when we did.

I attended Aunt Edith's funeral at Sheffield and to date this has turned out to be my last meeting with the remaining members of the BELLAMY branch of the family.

If any members of the BELLAMY / KNAPTON branches of the family happen to read this I would very much like to hear from them. To access my contact form please click here.

Bellamy or Bellarmy

Published: December 15, 2005    Last modified: February 15, 2017

Earlier this year I obtained the England and Wales Census 1901 return for the household of Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased. This is an outline of my transcription:

FHJ Ref: 025
Census: England and Wales Census 1901
Place: 156 Martin Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Household: Joseph Bellamy

BellamyJosephHeadMarriedMale44File CutterSheffield, Yorkshire
BellamyMary AnnWifeMarriedFemale40Sheffield, Yorkshire
BellamyGeorge AlbertSonSingleMale21File CutterSheffield, Yorkshire
BellamyMary AliceDaughterSingleFemale16Sheffield, Yorkshire
BellamyEdithDaughterSingleFemale11Sheffield, Yorkshire
BellamyEdwardSonSingleMale2Sheffield, Yorkshire

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Studying in more detail this information, I realise my previous research is probably flawed. To read my earlier post please click here. I have a copy of the marriage certificate for George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978) so I can validate George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased's father being recorded as Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased and his mother as Mary Ann BELLAMY (née Mary Ann TURNER 1861-Deceased).

Searching the England and Wales Census 1881 I realise the problem is quite simple; BELLAMY is now BELLARMY.

FHJ Ref: 026
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 89 Martin Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Household: Joseph Bellarmy (Bellamy)

Bellarmy *JosephHeadMarriedMale24File CutterSheffield, YorkshireUnemployed
Bellarmy *Mary AnnWifeMarriedFemale20Sheffield, Yorkshire
Bellarmy *George AlbertSonSingleMale1Sheffield, Yorkshire
Note: Transcription error: for Bellarmy read Bellamy

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Searches on FreeCEN returns zero results.

I will add a note to my earlier posts expressing my doubts as to the accuracy of the data.