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Ernest and Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy): Bridlington

Published: March 16, 2015    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990 and Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990
Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

I added to the Gallery, a few photographs of my maternal grandparents Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 and Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992) and Spot their dog. Taken along the promenade at Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire, most likely by the resort photographers. Most years during 'Works Week' they would travel by train from Sheffield to Bridlington to take their annual holiday.

Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) and Spot
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
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Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)
Spot the dog
Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Published: April 14, 2012    Last modified: January 12, 2017

 Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased
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Edwin Bellamy 1919-Deceased

Edwin BELLAMY 1919-Deceased was the 7th child of George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978, my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY) 1903-1992 being the eldest.

I have fond memories of visiting Edwin and Peggy (Margaret) BELLAMY (née Margaret KETTLEWELL) 1924-Deceased at their home on a cul-de-sac at Shalesmoor, Sheffield, just around the corner from the old Roscoe Picture Palace (formerly the Peoples' Electric Picture Palace and latterly the Roscoe Casino). Eventually the area was cleared to make way for the Sheffield Ring Road and new tramway system.

Edwin and Peggy had just the one child, Philip BELLAMY 1949-Deceased. I was born a few months earlier, hence we often played together. Sadly Philip was to die in his mid-twenties.

I remember attending a 5th of November bonfire party, the bonfire being in the middle of the street, and the local community providing hot potatoes, hot chestnuts, bonfire toffee (sticky black toffee) and toffee apples. The Health and Safety zealots at Sheffield City Council had yet to make their mark, otherwise I'm sure the wonderful time we all had would soon have been curtailed. As it was, the street which was surfaced with ubiquitous and beautiful cobbles was eventually metalled, but my did the tar burn well the following year! I assume eventually the council came to realise why areas of cobbles were showing through scorched tarmacadam, since soon afterwards the event would pass into history.

At this time I lived just off Owlerton Green at Hawksley Road. Occasionally we would walk to Peggy and Edwin's house taking a route which lead along Owlerton Green, across Penistone Road, along Livesey Street towards Wardsend Cemetery. Here we would take a footbridge cross the River Don and turn right along a track by Neepsend Power Station. The track, Club Mill Road, headed south following the east bank of the River Don eventually re-joining the main road at Hillfoot Bridge, Neepsend.

I'm not certain where, but somewhere along this route closer to Neepsend, Edwin maintained an allotment. I never forget the sight of Edwin in amongst his pigs, while trying to hold a conversation with my parents.

After Peggy died Edwin moved to Thirsk, the town in north Yorkshire where Peggy was born. I understand from my mother that Peggy and Edwin met during the time Edwin was stationed near Thirsk, during World War II.

Mother and Edwin kept in touch and I recall sometime after his move to Thirsk he contacted my mother, regarding creating a family tree. I think he was hoping I might help, but at this time in my life, although I had always taken an interest in our family history I had never carried out any serious research. I was too busy renovating houses, and pursuing a career in IT. I didn't become involved in family history until 2000.

I have always regretted not contacting Edwin, I'm sure he would have been a mind of information, but that is family history, wait too long and the source will pass on.

William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased

Published: April 2, 2012    Last modified: January 17, 2017

William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased
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William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased

Another photograph from our family collection that I recently uploaded to the Ashforth family photographs section of the Gallery.

William Horace BELLAMY 1909-Deceased (usually known as Horace) was a younger brother of my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992), and that is about all I know.

He is almost certainly deceased since I recollect having to break the news of his death (with the reservation it may have been her brother Albert that had passed away) to my grandmother shortly after her husband and my grandfather Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 had passed away in 1990.

His parents were George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978).

Hopefully a member of his family may stumble upon this article and contact me using the contact form.

Old Comments:

Hi Louise I remember playing
Submitted by Lyndsey Bellamy on Tue, 2012-10-30 18:00

Hi Louise I remember playing in the garden as well How are you?

William Horace Bellamy and Emily Bellamy nee Ellis
Submitted by Kathryn Louise Pogson nee Straw on Wed, 2012-04-11 20:36

Hi, This is my grandfather, I am the daughter of Valerie Straw nee Bellamy. Grandad use to take myself, sister Michelle and brother Mark to see Emily Bellamy nee Ellis in Middlewood Hospital every Saturday morning to visit. She used to sing ditties to us ...most memorable Thomas Dodd he was a sod, his a*se was made of clay, he let a f*rt behind the cart and blew the wheels away :D I attended her funeral in 1978 at the age on 9 years old. William Horace Bellamy had a large family and Uncle Edwin his brother was my mother's godfather. I also attended his funeral and remember him fondly as a very jolly soul. Lyndsey Bellamy daughter of Thomas Leslie Bellamy and Betty Sambrook I knew as a child as we lived not far from each other and have many childhood memories of playing in the garden togther. The grandchildren and surviving children of William Horace can provide lots of information and I am sure photographs. Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane for me and my mother and my many cousins!!

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978) and Marjorie Green (née Marjorie Ellis 1912-1988)

Published: April 2, 2012    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis) 1883-1978 and Marjorie Green (née Marjorie Ellis) 1912-1988
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Left: Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis) 1883-1978
Right: Marjorie Green (née Marjorie Ellis) 1912-1988

Over the last few weeks I have exchanged emails with two daughters of my great uncle Thomas Leslie BELLAMY 1922-2011, who of course are my 1st cousins 1 time removed. One of his daughters had seen this website and found this article and photograph of Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978. Sadly, I was to learn Thomas Leslie BELLAMY 1922-2011 had passed away in November 2011, in his 90th year.

Thomas Leslie BELLAMY 1922-2011 was the youngest child of George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978 and the last surviving sibling of this marriage; my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY) 1903-1992 being the eldest sibling.

As a result of this exchange of emails I promised to scan and upload some more photographs relating to this family. We do have a photograph that includes Thomas Leslie BELLAMY 1922-2011 but at the moment it is with my mother, so I will have to wait a little while longer before I can scan and upload it.

The above photograph shows Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS) 1883-1978, the mother of Thomas Leslie BELLAMY 1922-2011, with her youngest sister Marjorie GREEN (née Marjorie ELLIS) 1912-1988. This photograph was most likely taken in the garden of Marjorie's 'prefab' on the Wisewood Estate, Sheffield.

Read more about the Wisewood area of Sheffield.

Annie E Ellis and Hector William R Withall

Published: December 23, 2011    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Annie Elizabeth Withall (née Annie Elizabeth Ellis 1902-Deceased)
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Annie Elizabeth Ellis

Annie Elizabeth ELLIS was born in 1911 at Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Our family always referred to her as Aunt Annie. I remember her as a happy, jovial person, often visiting my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY) 1903-1992 and great grandmother Florence ASHFORTH (née Florence FLOWERS) 1876-1973.

Annie E ELLIS married Hector William R. Withall at Sheffield in 1923. My mother recalls Vic WITHALL was employed in newspaper production and had relocated to Sheffield from the south of England to work with one of the local newspaper companies. According to mother Uncle Vic (the family always referred to Annie's husband as Uncle Vic, so I did wonder if Hector was an incorrect transcription of Victor, though after further research I have found his name is always given as Hector) was born at Arundel, Sussex and his parents lived at a property in the shadow of Arundel Castle.

Further research shows his date of birth to be the 31st of March, 1900, in the registration district of East Preston, Arundel, Sussex. This seems to confirm my mother's recollections.

Some time after Annie and Vic were married he joined one of the Manchester based newspapers and they relocated to Moss Side, Manchester, Lancashire. During school holidays I remember I would occasionally stay at their terraced house at Moss Side, which was a much less salubrious area then than it is now.

Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990 and Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992)

Published: February 10, 2009    Last modified: January 12, 2017

Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) and Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990
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Emily Ashforth (née Emily Bellamy 1903-1992) and Ernest Ashforth 1905-1990

In this photograph my grandfather Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 is in his element: in a pub, with a pint of beer and no doubt in his pocket a still smouldering pipe. My grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992) is wearing one of her fur coats, from her collection of fur coats, perhaps with just a whiff of mothball.

Shortly after Ernest died I recall driving to Emily's flat in Langsett Close, Hillsborough, Sheffield in order to take her for a day out in Derbyshire. In the early nineties fur coats had moved into the realm of not being 'politically correct' though I doubt Emily was even aware of the term. Long before she opened the flat door I could smell the mothballs. On opening the door, there she stood, resplendent in fur coat and carpet slippers.

No point arguing, carpet slippers are comfortable and she is not changing into shoes!

Unperturbed I helped her into the car and we drove off towards Derbyshire. Soon we were sat in a tea shop at the village of Tideswell. Within minutes Emily was chatting with a captive audience of tourists, so it was only a matter of time before she was in full flow, recounting in full, gory details of her long list of 'surgical operations'. By this time Emily had poured some tea into her saucer and in between tales of life and death at the hands of the surgeons, was slurping loudly, as is the way in Sheffield.

George Knapton 1903-Deceased and Edith Bellamy 1906-1993

Published: January 14, 2009    Last modified: February 12, 2017

Edith Knapton (née Edith Bellamy 1906-1993)
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Edith Knapton (née Edith Bellamy 1906-1993)

Edith KNAPTON (née Edith BELLAMY 1906-1993) whom I always knew as Aunt Edith was the younger sister of my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992). Edith married George KNAPTON 1903-Deceased at Sheffield, Yorkshire in June 1926.

My recollections of Aunt Edith are:

A very loud voice.
A great gossip (in the nicest sense).
A shopkeeper (and owner of numerous shops, though not all at the same time, in and around Hillsborough, Sheffield).
Always referred to sweets as 'spice', which she always offered me when I visited her sweet shop at Holme Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

Uncle George was the complete opposite: quiet and patient, and I seem to recall had an interest in electronics.

Aunt Edith and Uncle George had two children, a boy and a girl, both of whom, as far as I know, are still alive, so I will withhold their names for privacy.

During the summer of 1991 my younger sister and I decided to take our grandmother Emily who was still residing at Hillsborough, Sheffield to visit her sister Edith whom she had not seen for many years and who now lived at Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Edith's husband George KNAPTON 1903-Deceased was now deceased and Emily's husband Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 had died at Sheffield in September 1990. Edith's son had moved away from Sheffield and settled at Flamborough near Bridlington, East Yorkshire and Aunt Edith who in her latter years lived close by her sister Emily at Sheffield, had taken up residence in a care home at Bridlington so her son could oversee her welfare. Both Emily and Edith were now in their eighties. My sister and I both felt that this might be the last chance that the sisters had of ever meeting again.

We arranged with Edith's son to meet at his house at Flamborough. He collected Aunt Edith from her care home and we collected our grandmother from Sheffield and drove to Flamborough, East Yorkshire. I had not seen Edith since she had moved to Bridlington and it was many years since I had seen her son. I was struck by how much weight Aunt Edith had gained, so much so, that for quite some time Emily failed to realise that this person was her sister Edith. Edith's son and his wife were very hospitable and we had an entertaining day listening to family reminisces.

A few weeks after this visit our grandmother Emily suffered a debilitating stroke that left her with limited movement. Emily died in November 1992 and her sister died a few weeks later in January 1993. So it turned out to be quite fortuitous that we arranged the meeting when we did.

I attended Aunt Edith's funeral at Sheffield and to date this has turned out to be my last meeting with the remaining members of the BELLAMY branch of the family.

If any members of the BELLAMY / KNAPTON branches of the family happen to read this I would very much like to hear from them. To access my contact form please click here.

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)

Published: September 3, 2007    Last modified: November 20, 2016

Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)
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Emily Bellamy (née Emily Ellis 1883-1978)

Another photograph from the family collection, identified by my mother.

This photograph has a date stamp on the reverse of "23 Apr 1", exasperatingly the year falls off the edge of the photograph! Did photographic studios purposely do this knowing it would drive future researchers insane!

Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978) was my last surviving maternal great grandparent. She was born on the 23rd of July, 1883 and lived well into her nineties, passing away on the 2nd of October, 1978 at Middlewood Hospital, Sheffield.

My records show George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased, a bachelor, age 21 and a 'File Cutter' by profession, residing at Quality Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, married Emily ELLIS 1883-1978, on the 6th of October, 1901. The marriage ceremony was conducted by H A Goodwin after the reading of Banns at the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, Sheffield.

George's father is recorded as Joseph BELLAMY 1857-Deceased and his father's profession that of 'File Cutter'. The Witnesses were Frank ELLIS and Mabel Louise ELLIS.

Frank ELLIS is most likely the uncle of Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978), since I have found a marriage record for a Frank ELLIS and a Mabel Louise HUMPHRIES in 1899.

On the same day that Frank ELLIS and Mabel Louise HUMPHRIES were married, I have found a record of marriage between one John Arthur BELLAMY and one Elizabeth SHELDON. Neither of these individuals feature in my GEDCOM so this is probably worth researching at a later date.

Read about the former Middlewood Hospital and the redevelopment of the site it occupied.

Old Comments:

Emily Bellamy
Submitted by Lyndsey Bellamy on Wed, 2012-02-22 19:57

Hi Im Thomas Bellamy's daughter Just googling some family names and came up with the picture of my grandmother Im sorry but there's no clues to who you are Can you tell me a little about yourself? Is there any more pictures?

Hawksley Road, Sheffield 6

Published: April 3, 2007    Last modified: February 12, 2017

Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)
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Florence Ashforth (née Florence Flowers 1876-1973)
Hawksley Road, Sheffield 6

Owlerton, Burton Street, Bamforth Street, Capel Street, Cuthbert Bank Road, Roscoe Bank, Shalesmoor, Jericho and Saint Philip's Road are districts and streets in the north-west of Sheffield where ancestors from my ASHFORTH line were born; most lived and died there too.

As a very young child I remember being dragged off to what seemed like far away places in order to visit the 'rellies', and how one felt like an explorer, cautiously examining an alien environment. During these visits we children would be quickly ushered out to play, usually into the backyard or street, which of course were quite safe, being devoid of motor vehicles.

I was born at Hawksley Road, just off Owlerton Green, though I don't recall there being a great deal of 'green' other than that of Hillsborough Park. I was christened at the Church of Saint John the Baptist, Owlerton, which remarkably, is still in service as a church, despite the dire developments which have taken place all around.

I remember there were three cul-de-sac: Hawksley Road (at the end of which were gates leading into the southern section of Hillsborough Park), Cheadle Street and Cannock Street. What I do remember quite clearly is that for some considerable time only one family owned a motor vehicle. I think this family, a retired man and wife, were named Mr and Mrs Thurlin. I recall they hated us using the gable end of their house for football, tennis and cricket practice, and the risks we took when the inevitable happened and we had to recover the ball from their backyard.

In the midst of row after row of terraced houses, Hillsborough Park was our saviour. We would spend most of our days playing football or cricket, until just before dusk when the toll of the bell would signify that the huge iron gates would soon be locked. Not that this mattered much, since as soon as the 'parky' had carried out his duties and was out of sight, we merely scrambled over the park gates and carried on playing until hunger finally drove us home.

Four generations lived in a rented 3 bedroom terraced house with the ubiquitous outside toilet, which was without an electric light, and of course, freezing cold in winter. But unlike many of the houses it had the luxury of a bathroom, admittedly very small but enormous when compared to a tin bath. The bedrooms were so cold in winter that I would sleep with a hot brick wrapped in a blanket to my feet. The brick was placed in the coal fire just before I went to bed. At least unlike an hot water bottle it couldn't burst, though third degree burns were always a distinct possibility.

My great grandmother Florence ASHFORTH (née Florence FLOWERS 1876-1973), her son and daughter-in-law (my grandfather and grandmother) Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 and Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992), my mother and father and me. When some six years later my younger sister was born I guess we were probably officially classed as 'overcrowded'. So at the age of 7 years I and my family left the ASHFORTH household and moved approximately 3 miles to a newly built semi-detached house at School Lane, Stannington near Sheffield.

In the mid 1950's Stannington was still just a village, with a handful of shops, little new development and lots of wide open spaces. A totally alien environment to a young lad from the inner city.

Frederick Rotherham

Published: April 15, 2005    Last modified: February 2, 2017

The England and Wales Census 1891 records Frederick ROTHERHAM living with George Albert BELLAMY and Emily BELLAMY and classified as 'grandson'. While trying to establish a marriage between a ROTHERHAM and a BELLAMY I came across this entry:

Marriages March 1891
ELLIS Frances Lily, Ecclesall Bierlow
GALVIN Thomas Saywell, Ecclesall Bierlow
HEATHCOTE Eleanor, Ecclesall Bierlow
ROTHERHAM Richard, Ecclesall Bierlow
THOMPSON Elizabeth, Ecclesall Bierlow

I feel sure I have heard my mother mention the name Frances Lily ELLIS so it may prove interesting to research this entry to see if there is a link between Richard ROTHERHAM and Frances Lily ELLIS.

2005-12-15 Further research has shown this data is probably NOT linked to my family. This data may prove useful to other researchers so I will retain it.

Old Comments:

Richard and Frederick Rotherham
Submitted by Neil Jacklin on Mon, 2005-11-14 14:43

It is a while since I wrote this post and I had to spend a few hours getting my head around this line of the family. I now have access to the 1901 British Census returns for George Albert BELLAMY born circa 1880 which has confirmed some of my research, though anything further back than this is still unconfirmed.

Do you have any further details regarding Richard or Frederick ROTHERHAM? I am still a little confused as to my train of thought at this time and any details you have may help disentangle some of the notes I made.

Richard Rotherham
Submitted by jillparker on Sun, 2005-11-13 22:00

I think richard rotherham is my great grandad, father to spencer huxley rotherham born 1907 in ecclesall bierlow.