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Albert Allen Barlow: Casualty 902875

Published: January 21, 2010    Last modified: November 18, 2016

Albert Allen BARLOW 1898-1918 was the son of Henry BARLOW 1870-1959 and Harriett BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958), sister of my great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949).

Albert Allen BARLOW 1898-1918 was born at Elkesley, Nottinghamshire; Harriett and Ziller were born at Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire.

Name: Barlow, Albert Allen
Initials: A A
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
Unit Text: 2nd/5th Bn.
Age: 20
Date of Death: 16/04/1918
Service No: 77632
Additional information: Son of Henry and Harriett Barlow, of 48, Warren Terrace, Shirebrook, Mansfield.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: IX. C. 13.
Cemetery: Niederzwehren Cemetery

To view the details on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website please click here.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Allen: Intrigue

Published: April 18, 2008    Last modified: February 2, 2017

Church of All Saints, Aston-cum-Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Church of All Saints, Aston with Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Recently I was discussing with my mother the news regarding Harriet BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958) and Mary BACON (née Mary ALLEN 1871-1951). We were chatting about Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) and if they ever had visits from other members of the family (Daniel and Ziller moved from Bradley Yard, Swallownest, Yorkshire and lived the rest of their lives at Langley Street, Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire). My mother happened to mention that they brought up a young girl known by the name of Betty, and Betty would occasionally visit. Immediately I recalled the census record shown below which records Elizabeth aged 9 and described as a niece; undoubtedly this is Betty.

The England and Wales Census 1891 records the following:

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Gringley, Lincolnshire
Note: Gringley, Lincolnshire ought to be Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

To view this table full width please click here.

My mother went on to say how in November 1949, Betty attended Ziller's funeral, but my mother could not remember any details regarding her family background.

Was Elizabeth really a niece or maybe a child from another relationship? The mystery and intrigue continues.

2008-09-22 This weekend I spoke with my aunt and she understands that after Betty's father died Betty was 'adopted' by Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949). Apparently her mother was already dead. On getting married Betty moved to Bury, Lancashire.

Harriet Allen 1877-1958 and Henry Barlow 1870-1959

Published: April 17, 2008    Last modified: November 9, 2016

Harriet Allen
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Harriet Barlow (née Harriet Allen) abt. 1918
Photograph courtesy the family of Henry and Harriet Barlow

While I was busy replying to the contributor of my previous post I was contacted by a grandson of Harriet BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958), another sister of my great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949). He has provided me with a great deal of information regarding the descendants of Harriet BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958) together with permission to publish this photograph of Harriet taken about 1918.

I have added the information to my GEDCOM which greatly extends my family tree along yet another branch.

Here are a few brief details of Harriet and Henry:

Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958 was born at Little Gringley, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire in 1887 and married Henry BARLOW 1870-1959 on the 23rd July 1903 at the Registry Office in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Henry BARLOW 1870-1959 was born at Askham, Nottinghamshire in 1870. Henry and Harriet had six children, Harriet died on the 30th January 1958 at Shirebrook, Derbyshire and Henry died March 1959 also at Shirebrook, Derbyshire. They are buried at Shirebrook Cemetery, Shirebrook, Derbyshire.

Harriet BARLOW (née Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958) gave birth to a son, Albert ALLEN 1898-1918 (England and Wales Census 1901 - born 1898 in Elkesley, Nottinghamshire) but did not marry Henry BARLOW 1870-1959 until 23 July 1903. Army records describe Albert as Albert Allen BARLOW, so it appears that he took the BARLOW family name after the marriage. Albert was killed in World War 1. - Courtesy the family of Henry BARLOW 1870-1959 and Harriet ALLEN 1877-1958.

2010-01-21 Albert Allen BARLOW 1898-1918 was killed in action, France, 1918, World War I.

To view details of his Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial please click here.

John Allen and Elizabeth Bird

Published: January 13, 2006    Last modified: January 17, 2017

Ever since I started researching my family history I have been frustrated by the apparent lack of information available for my great great grandfather John ALLEN 1831-Deceased.

I know he lived at Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire, but there were many branches of the ALLEN family in and around the parish of Clarborough, Nottinghamshire and it has been difficult to associate the various individuals with the various households.

Well thanks to a very kind lady from the USA with whom I may share a common ancestor, many of these quandaries have been resolved. I now have a father, mother and siblings for John ALLEN 1831-Deceased the father of my great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949).

John ALLEN abt.1789-Deceased born about 1789 and Elizabeth ALLEN (née Elizabeth BIRD 1796-Deceased) born 17th January 1796 married on the 28th November 1816.
John and Elizabeth raised 9 children (there may have been others that died in childhood) and I will list them in chronological order:

Gervase ALLEN, born 1817
Mary ALLEN, born 1818
George ALLEN, born 1823
William ALLEN, born 1824
John ALLEN, born abt. 1827
Harriet ALLEN, born 1828
Vincent ALLEN, born 1833
Jane ALLEN, born 1834
Hannah ALLEN, born 1837

I have a slight discrepancy with the date of birth for John ALLEN (son) but I'm sure a little more research will resolve this.

This lady has a great deal of information regarding the ALLENs who emigrated to the USA in the latter half of the 19th century and I will eventually document and comment on some of these branches.

2007-01-30 Having met with Juanita Lewis (the lady I mention) and compared research, Juanita believes we have two distict lines of ALLEN families and two John ALLENs. I am inclined to agree and desperately need to obtain further documentation.

Old Comments:

Family in the island of Puerto Rico
Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2006-01-27 22:55

We have your same last name, ancestors came to the island, it seems that the soldier that came or Marine that came in the 1800's liked it so much that he stayed,
if you want more info let me know
my name is Elizabeth.