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Jemima Jacklin (née Jemima Easy 1797-1874)

Published: February 17, 2007    Last modified: February 17, 2017

As I have stated before, research of my JACKLIN line was made considerably easier thanks to Gary PARDOE's website Jacklin(g) Home Page. As a result I have not spent a great deal of time researching the family surname JACKLIN.

Today while searching on-line I came across a link to my ggg grandmother Jemima JACKLIN (née Jemima EASY 1797-1874) at Gates Family Genealogy. I have not come across this website before, so I was intrigued to know the connection with Jemima JACKLIN (née Jemima EASY 1797-1874).

My common ancestors with this line of the GATES family are John EASY 1749-1826 and Elizabeth EASY (née Elizabeth WOOD 1753-1839).

According to the information I found at Gates Family Genealogy John EASY 1749-1826 and Elizabeth EASY (née Elizabeth WOOD 1753-1839)'s children were:

William EASY 1781-1854
Thomas EASY 1785-1807
Richard EASY 1785-Deceased
John EASY 1788-Deceased
Simeon EASY 1792-1872
Keziah EASY 1792-1819
Ann EASY 1794-1814
Jemima EASY 1797-1874

The source of these names is given as the LDS IG. I always apply a certain amount of scepticism to this source so I hope to be able to verify this information through further research.

2016-11-07 The Gates Family Genealogy site seems to have lapsed so I have removed the link.

It would appear Gary Pardoe’s site is no longer available but a copy dated 2015-10-04 has been archived at Internet Archive – JACKLIN(G) HOME PAGE. An earlier but more complete archive dated 2006-02-05 is available here.