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Joseph Carter 1872-1959

Published: February 28, 2015    Last modified: January 29, 2017

Joseph Carter 1877-1959 and Mary Maria Carter (née Mary Maria Maplethorpe 1878-1964) Outside their cottage at Marton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Photograph courtesy the family of Joseph and Mary Maria Carter
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Joseph Carter 1872-1959
Mary Maria Carter (née Mary Maria Maplethorpe) 1878-1964
Outside their cottage at Marton, Lincolnshire
Photograph courtesy the family of GH

For quite some time I have been aware of incorrect data added to my GEDCOM for the family of Joseph CARTER 1872-1959 (the second husband of my great grandmother Mary Maria CARTER (née MAPLETHORPE) 1878-1964). For the last couple of years I have not found the time to manage these pages and so this issue was never fixed. Yesterday evening I decided to correct the issue with Joseph CARTER. At the back of my mind I seemed to remember he was born near Spurn Point in what was the East Riding of Yorkshire. My memory also flagged up the north-east of Lincolnshire, though it took me the best part of a couple of hours to remember the area I had in mind goes by the name Isle of Axholme.

Well after several hours and many online searches I had failed to make any progress, until eventually, yet another online search provided the data I was seeking. Unbelievably this was my own web site.

The story is this: some time in the past I had transcribed an England and Wales Census 1901 entry for Joseph CARTER and added it to my website. Since I decline to pay for Census information to which the tax payer has already contributed, I seem to remember my sister had at some point provided me with a few pages of 1901 Census data that she had purchased. This included the data regarding Joseph CARTER which I will republish here:

FHJ Ref: 036
Census: England and Wales Census 1901
Place: Upton. Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Household: Joseph Carter

CarterJosephHeadMarriedMale59Farmer, EmployerGlentham, Lincolnshire
CarterMarthaWifeMarriedFemale57Patrington, Yorkshire
CarterHenrySonSingleMale31Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterJosephSonSingleMale28Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterMarthaDaughterSingleFemale28Mother's HelpSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterSarah JDaughterSingleFemale21Mother's HelpSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterArthurSonMarriedMale18Farmer's Son, WorkerSunk Island, Yorkshire
CarterElizabethDaughterSingleFemale21Mother's HelpGlentham, Lincolnshire

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So having established the correct family, his birth place at Sunk Island and the name of his father, a few searches soon revealed a marriage for his father. Joseph CARTER married Martha KIRKWOOD, on the 14th May 1868 at Patrington, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The names, dates and places are what I would expect so I am confident enough to add this family to my GEDCOM.

This is the link to the family of Joseph CARTER and Martha CARTER (née KIRKWOOD).

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