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Mablethorpe or Maplethorpe...

Published: May 25, 2005    Last modified: February 14, 2017

MABLETHORPE, MAPLETHORPE, MAPLETHORP, MAPPLETHORPE or MAPELTHORP... Marie or Maria; this will take a little resolving.

So far all the results I have collected suggest Mary Maria DIXON's maiden name is MABLETHORPE. It is only when I start to delve further and switch the surname to Maplethorpe that I start to obtain any meaningful results.

Samuel Dixon and Mary Maria Mablethorpe

Published: May 24, 2005    Last modified: February 17, 2017

A quick search online shows a marriage in 1897 between one Samuel DIXON and one Mary Maria MABLETHORPE. At first glance this would certainly appear to give me my great grandmother's maiden name, though until I have documentary evidence to support this I will store it in the 'to be checked' tray.

2015-03-18 Mablethorpe and Maplethorpe seem to be interchangeable; both being in use in various documents. I eventually settled on Maplethorpe.