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William Tomlinson and Rebecca Newbould

Published: November 26, 2007    Last modified: February 22, 2017


A search of the England and Wales Census 1861 for Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943 reveals a family headed by one William TOMLINSON and living at Sheffield:

FHJ Ref: 016
Census: England and Wales Census 1861
Place: Norton, Derbyshire, England
Household: William Tomlinson

TomlinsonWilliam HeadMarried43Derbyshire, Dronfield
TomlinsonRebeccaWifeMarried41Derbyshire, Totley
TomlinsonElizabethDaughter12Derbyshire, Norton
TomlinsonWilliamSon9Derbyshire, Norton
TomlinsonEllenDaughter7Derbyshire, Norton
TomlinsonJosephSon3Derbyshire, Norton
TomlinsonJaneDaughter1Derbyshire, Norton
NewboldJohnBoarder71Derbyshire, Holmesfield

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The age of Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943 is as expected so I think there is a strong possibilty this is the correct family. Intuition tells me that John NEWBOLD, recorded in the Census as a boarder age 71 years, could well be Ellen's grandfather and Ellen's maiden surname is probably Newbold.

Further searches reveal a marriage abt. June 1845 between one William TOMLINSON and one Rebecca NEWBOULD so for the time being I will assume my research is leading me down the correct line.

Newbold or Newbould? A few searches online reveal possible families using either spelling.

Dronfield remains in Derbyshire, while Totley and Norton are now part of South Yorkshire.

2007-12-23 In this article I discovered Ellen TOMLINSON 1855-1943's father was one Samuel TOMLINSON 1826-1854, so the information shown here needs further research.

2010-09-11 After considering data provided by KW I realise this household is most likely incorrect and I should be researching the family of Samuel TOMLINSON 1826-1854 and Rhoda RIDAL 1826-Deceased. To help other researchers I will leave the data intact.