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George Ellis 1860-Deceased and Emily Ellis (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944)

Published: November 29, 2005    Last modified: November 4, 2016

Chatting with my mother about our family history, I recall her saying details of the ELLIS line of our family are few and far between.

With this in mind I searched FreeBMD in order to match George ELLIS 1860-Deceased with a spouse. Eventually in Sheffield I found a likely marriage between one George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and one Emily Ellis (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944). The date of September 1882 met my expectations, and furthermore, the name ROSEWARNE seemed somewhat familiar.

A few days later my mother confirmed the name ROSEWARNE and supplied some very valuable additional information regarding George ELLIS 1860-Deceased and Emily Ellis (née Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944). More searching revealed the surname ROSEWARNE to be indigenous to the Redruth and Penzance areas of Cornwall. This makes searching the Sheffield area somewhat easier.