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Rosewarne Genealogy Page

Published: November 30, 2005    Last modified: November 4, 2016

A search online for 'Rosewarne' provided a link to the 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' which includes the 'Rosewarne Family Database'.

Though I have not had the time to browse all this site I did find the following marriage:
Thomas 31 Jul 1851 Emily GREAVES Rotherham YKS

I cannot yet be certain this is the marriage I am looking for but thanks to the small number of Rosewarnes in the Sheffield area I think there is a good possibility the maiden name of Emily ROSEWARNE is 'GREAVES'.

Further research records the birth place of Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased' as Harthill, Rotherham, Yorkshire. The record of her marriage in 1851 to Thomas ROSEWARNE shows Thomas to be one Thomas ROSEWARD; undoubtedly this should be ROSEWARNE.

For those researching the surname 'Rosewarne', the 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' is an extremely useful resource and includes 'pdf' files for download.

2012-02-07 A rather belated thank you to Vic Rosewarne for dropping by and leaving a comment regarding his 'Rosewarne' database and the information regarding Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased.

2016-11-04 Great to see 'Rosewarne Genealogy Page' is still available, since so many useful family history sites have disappeared.

Old Comments:

Thomas Rosewarne
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2006-01-07 20:10

To Neil Jacklin

I found your web site whilst browsing the web for Rosewarnes. I have have done some research on the Sheffield branch of the Rosewarnes, as they were related to my own branch which settled in Derbyshire. Two two branches descend from two brothers William (Sheffield) and John (Derbyshire).

If you would like the information I have on these families please contact me.

I did try to log on to your web site, but it appears I failed

Vic Rosewarne

(By the way I supplied the information on the marriage of Thomas Rosewarne of Sheffield to Emily greaves)