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Wedding Party: Burton Street, Sheffield

Published: February 13, 2007    Last modified: February 4, 2017

Wedding Party, Burton Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield
Back row, 2nd left: Clara Renwick
Front row all in white: Mother
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Wedding Party, Burton Street, Hillsborough, Sheffield

According to my mother this photograph is of a wedding party at a house on Burton Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, though she doesn't remember whose marriage was being celebrated.

Mother is the toddler on the front row dressed all in white and looking a little mesmerised. This photograph is most likely circa 1928.

Given time I'm hoping she will be able to identify some more of the children shown in this photograph and maybe even remember the names of the bride and groom.

2007-08-02 I was contacted by some relatives who provided invaluable information regarding this photograph. To read more about the people in this photograph click here.

2016-11-06 The lady on the back row, second from the left, is Jessie WILLIAMSON (née Jessie RENWICK 1908-1982)