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Wycliffe 11 Football Club 1908-9

Published: February 1, 2009    Last modified: November 10, 2016

Wycliffe 11 FC 1908-9

Wycliffe 11 FC 1908-9

The caption on the reverse of this photograph reads:

Wycliffe 11 FC 1908-9 - Reverse side

"Dear brother just a few lines to you..." illegible... "present..." illegible... "from your sister Jessie and Harry."

This is almost certainly a photograph sent by Jessie ASHFORTH 1887-1954 to her brother (my great grandfather) William Henry ASHFORTH 1873-1926. Harry is almost certainly Harry RENWICK 1885-1959, Jessie's husband.

Jessie and Harry were married at Sheffield during June 1908. The photograph is dated 1908-9, so I suspect they were already married when this card was sent, and since I am certain one of the words is "present" then it could well be thanking William for his wedding present.