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Joseph and Zilla Littlewood (née Zilla Fenton): England and Wales Census 1841

Published: October 18, 2017    Last modified: October 18, 2017

KG kindly sent me this census information circa 2005. Finally I remembered to add it to my list of Census Transcriptions.

FHJ Ref: 080
Census: England and Wales Census 1841
Place: Last House in Hamlet of Moorgate, Clarborough, Nottinghamshire, England
Household: Joseph Littlewood
Registration Number: HO107
Piece/Folio: 849/33

LittlewoodJosephHeadMale30Helper (Stable)Nottinghamshire

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John Henry Allen 1872-Deceased: Baptism

Published: October 14, 2017    Last modified: October 18, 2017

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton

Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire

This post is once again as a result of the searches I was making regarding Zillah LITTLEWOOD (née Zillah FENTON abt. 1807-1862).

The England and Wales Census 1881 records Jane SMITHSON (née Jane ALLEN 1853-1892) the eldest of the Allen siblings married to George SMITHSON 1830-Deceased and living at East Drayton, Nottinghamshire.

Interestingly a John H ALLEN 1872-Deceased is recorded as a step son, born at Lambeth, Surrey (now more commonly shown as Lambeth, London), one of the few of my Nottinghamshire ALLEN line to be born outside of the north Nottinghamshire area.

FHJ Ref: 002
Census: England and Wales Census 1881
Place: 4 North Street, East Drayton, Nottingham, England
Household: George Smithson
Registration Number:

SmithsonGeorgeHeadMMale51Agricultural LabourerHeadon, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonJaneWifeMFemale28Retford, Nottinghamshire
AllenJohn HStep SonMale9ScholarLambeth, Surrey
AllenJaneStep DaughterFemale7ScholarRetford, Nottinghamshire
SmithsonElizabethDaughterFemale2East Drayton, Nottinghamshire
AllenZillahSister In LawUFemale22Dom Serv Unemployed (Farm)Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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Quite by chance I came across a baptism record giving a little more detail:

John Henry ALLEN 1872-Deceased was baptised at the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton, Nottinghamshire on the 19th of June 1878. His mother is shown to be Jane ALLEN and the register notes record 'Born in London. Mother shown as now SMITHSON'.

My great grandmother Ziller JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949) is also recorded as living at East Drayton, in the SMITHSON household.

George SMITHSON and Jane ALLEN were married on the 17th May 1875 at the Church of Saint Peter, East Drayton. George is shown to be 44 years of age and Jane 24 years of age.

Eliza Allen 1882-Deceased: Baptism

Published: October 14, 2017    Last modified: October 18, 2017

Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)
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Ziller Jacklin (née Ziller Allen 1858-1949)
Mother of Eliza Allen 1882-Deceased

After several years and a great deal of research, I may have solved my 'Elizabeth Allen' conundrum.

Just to recap, Elizabeth ALLEN 1882-Deceased appears in the England and Wales Census 1891 as a niece to Daniel JACKLIN 1862-1953 and Zillah JACKLIN (née Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949). I have always been intrigued by this niece but even with much research I had never been able to establish her place in the family tree:

FHJ Ref: 007
Census: England and Wales Census 1891
Place: Bradley Yard, Aston With Aughton, Rotherham, Yorkshire
Household: Daniel Jacklin

JacklinDanHeadMarriedM28Coal MinerWhaddon, Cambridgeshire,
JacklinZillerWifeMarriedF32Gringley, Lincolnshire
AllenElizabethNieceSF9Gringley, Lincolnshire
Note: Gringley, Lincolnshire ought to be Little Gringley, Nottinghamshire

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Recently, while researching Zillah LITTLEWOOD (Zillah FENTON abt. 1807-1862), I was using FreeReg and searching the Nottinghamshire registers for various spellings of the forename 'Zillah'. At some point I must have decided to search for 'Zillah Allen', my great grandmother. Luckily I happened to have checked the 'Family members', 'Witnesses' and 'Soundtex' boxes and this returned two results:

Name: Eliza ALLEN
Event: Baptism
Date: 04 Mar 1882
Place: Nottinghamshire, Clarborough
Church: St Saviour
Type: Parish Register


Name: Sarah ALLEN and Issac BUTROID
Event: Marriage
Date: 28 Oct 1884
Place: Nottinghamshire, Clarborough
Church: St Saviour
Type: Parish Register

I was already aware, thanks to KG, of Sarah ALLEN 1862-1943 and Issac BUTROID 1862-1943's marriage, (Zilla ALLEN was a witness to the marriage of her sister Sarah, hence its inclusion in these results), but I was very surprised, when on expanding these search results, I saw that Eliza ALLEN's mother was Zilla ALLEN and Eliza's place of birth, Little Gringley. The record gives Eliza's date of birth as 14th February 1882.

So it transpires prior to Zilla ALLEN's marriage to Daniel JACKLIN and the birth of their son and my grandfather Wilfred JACKLIN 1896-1967, Ziller ALLEN had two daughters by fathers' unknown:

Georgiana ALLEN 1878-1965
Eliza ALLEN 1882-Deceased

In order to confirm this baptism record I can now try to obtain a birth certificate for Eliza ALLEN.

For quite some time I had not used FreeReg, since areas of the country I am interested in were not well covered. So I was very pleased to find that FreeReg is a very useful tool when searching the Nottinghamshire registers.

Issac BUTROID is also known as Jesse BUTROID

James Littlewood and Sarah Burton

Published: October 29, 2005    Last modified: November 1, 2016

The information I found at NOTTSGEN-L Archives though not yet confirmed, leads me to infer the following:

In 1799 my gggg grandfather James LITTLEWOOD of East Retford, Nottinghamshire married Sarah BURTON of West Retford, Nottinghamshire at West Retford.

They had eleven children one of whom was my ggg grandfather Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased.

In 1831 Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased married Zillah FENTON 1811-Deceased at Clarborough, East Retford, Nottinghamshire.

If all this is correct then it means I have gone back one more generation and through to the 18th century and have more particulars to add to this site and my GEDCOM file.

Zillah Fenton: Search

Published: October 29, 2005    Last modified: February 13, 2017

Late last night while mulling over how to proceed with my research into John ALLEN 1831-Deceased and Fanny LITTLEWOOD 1832-1915 I noticed Joseph LITTLEWOOD 1811-Deceased and Zillah FENTON 1811-Deceased in my family tree but I had marked it 'tentative'.

I have always had a certain amount of success searching on either 'Little Gringley' or the various forms of the forename 'Ziller' my great grandmother Ziller ALLEN 1858-1949 used. I searched for 'Zillah Fenton' and surprisingly it returned just this one result from NOTTSGEN-L Archives.

Though this post is from a 2001 archive I emailed the contact address and was pleasantly surpised when shortly afterwards I received a reply.

Being rather late I abandoned further research but I'm rather excited by this latest discovery.