Thomas Rosewarne 1823-1895 and Emily Rosewarne 1832-Deceased: Census 1871: Transcription

Published: November 29, 2005    Last modified: November 14, 2016

My transcription of the England and Wales Census 1871 for the household of one Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 reveals the younger Emily ROSEWARNE 1865-1944 age 6 years.

FHJ Ref: 027
Census: England and Wales Census 1871
Place: 115 King Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Household: Thomas Rosewarne

RosewarneHenry RichardSonSingleMale12

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Despite many hours research I am still to find a marriage for Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 and Emily ROSEWARNE and therefore unable to provide a maiden name for Emily, the wife of Thomas.

I recall my mother saying there are additional children to document over and above those recorded in the Census return.

King Street is still shown on the current map of Sheffield though I doubt this is the same King Street referred to in this census return.

2012-02-07 The probable reason for being unable to find a record of marriage between Thomas ROSEWARNE 1823-1895 and Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased is that of not using a wild card in my searches. Rose* would have found a marriage between one Thomas ROSEWARD and one Emily GREAVES 1832-Deceased. Live and learn.

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