William H Ashforth and Ellen Pasley / William Bellamy and Emma Bradshaw: Marriage Certificates

Published: October 16, 2007    Last modified: February 4, 2017


Today I posted a request to Sheffield Register Office for the Marriage Certificates of:

William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899 and Ellen PASLEY - abt 1867.

William BELLAMY 1824-Deceased and Emma BRADSHAW - abt 1846.

Once again I hope these certificates will provide a few clues which may help in my research.

2007-10-18 It would appear that this time my research is incorrect. The Sheffield Register Office telephoned to say the marriage records show William Henry ASHFORTH 1851-1899 married Lucy Ellen LOCKWOOD and not Ellen PASLEY.

To read this update please click here.

2009-01-03 Further research shows Ellen ASHFORTH's maiden name to be TOMLINSON not PASLEY.

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