William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased

Published: April 2, 2012    Last modified: January 17, 2017

William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased
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William Horace Bellamy 1909-Deceased

Another photograph from our family collection that I recently uploaded to the Ashforth family photographs section of the Gallery.

William Horace BELLAMY 1909-Deceased (usually known as Horace) was a younger brother of my grandmother Emily ASHFORTH (née Emily BELLAMY 1903-1992), and that is about all I know.

He is almost certainly deceased since I recollect having to break the news of his death (with the reservation it may have been her brother Albert that had passed away) to my grandmother shortly after her husband and my grandfather Ernest ASHFORTH 1905-1990 had passed away in 1990.

His parents were George Albert BELLAMY 1880-Deceased and Emily BELLAMY (née Emily ELLIS 1883-1978).

Hopefully a member of his family may stumble upon this article and contact me using the contact form.

Old Comments:

Hi Louise I remember playing
Submitted by Lyndsey Bellamy on Tue, 2012-10-30 18:00

Hi Louise I remember playing in the garden as well How are you?

William Horace Bellamy and Emily Bellamy nee Ellis
Submitted by Kathryn Louise Pogson nee Straw on Wed, 2012-04-11 20:36

Hi, This is my grandfather, I am the daughter of Valerie Straw nee Bellamy. Grandad use to take myself, sister Michelle and brother Mark to see Emily Bellamy nee Ellis in Middlewood Hospital every Saturday morning to visit. She used to sing ditties to us ...most memorable Thomas Dodd he was a sod, his a*se was made of clay, he let a f*rt behind the cart and blew the wheels away :D I attended her funeral in 1978 at the age on 9 years old. William Horace Bellamy had a large family and Uncle Edwin his brother was my mother's godfather. I also attended his funeral and remember him fondly as a very jolly soul. Lyndsey Bellamy daughter of Thomas Leslie Bellamy and Betty Sambrook I knew as a child as we lived not far from each other and have many childhood memories of playing in the garden togther. The grandchildren and surviving children of William Horace can provide lots of information and I am sure photographs. Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane for me and my mother and my many cousins!!

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